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The most secure ways you can get your Amazon purchases for the holidays

Christmas shopping season approaches and, for those who prefer shopping online to navigating jammed aisles, Amazon’s the place to be. Maybe you love its Black Friday deals, its selection of everything from books to lawnmowers, or maybe you just like all your shopping showing up on your doorstep. But there are other folks waiting for big brown boxes to appear, and they belong on the naughty list.

Package theft can be a big problem in some areas. With high-priced gifts and electronics starting to arrive, there’s more temptation than ever to snag a box and disappear around the corner.

Online shoppers need to worry about more than just theft. There’s weather—nobody likes the smell of wet cardboard—and curious kids and even nosy spouses. But there is a way to get your Amazon goodies without worrying about the kids opening their Xbox early: Get yourself an Amazon Locker.

Presenting Amazon Lockers and Hubs

Amazon Lockers and Hubs are a great way to get packages without prying eyes or nosy neighbors. You may have seen one already: It’s a big box that looks like a wall of lockers. Amazon Lockers have a lot more than stinky gym socks inside. They keep your packages safe and secure, so you can pick them up rather than risking rain and theft.

Amazon Hubs are similar, but they’re located in apartment complexes. They take the place of “hoping the person at the front desk remembers you got a package” or checking in every day just to see if it turned up.

Getting started with Amazon Lockers and Hubs

The best part of using an Amazon Locker is you don’t have to be home to get your stuff. You can pick several locations that work for you: maybe one by the office, one you drive past on your way home, or maybe one at the grocery store you always stop at. What better way to hide the new Xbox than in a grocery bag with the rest of the food?

To get going:

  • Go to and log in
  • Fill in the location information
  • You can choose the one you’d like to use by clicking Select in the list of lockers
  • The locker is now in your Amazon address book
  • Add as many as you need

Using your Amazon Locker

To use your new Amazon Locker location, simply shop as normal. When you’re in the checkout process and selecting a shipping address, look for the section titled “Your pickup locations.” Select the Locker you’d like to use, complete your order as normal, and your Christmas goodies will go there. You’ll get your normal shipping confirmation along with a little note that tells you the package will go to the Amazon Locker you selected.

Picking up your package

When your package arrives, Amazon will send you another email. This one will contain the pickup code and any information you need to get your parcel, like the code to unlock the Locker. Just go to the location you picked and look for the Amazon Locker, punch in the code, and the Locker with your stuff will pop out.

Now, a few words of warning: You only have three days to get your package or it goes back to Amazon, so make sure you pick it up. There are also some restrictions on what you can get. Items over 20 pounds, larger than 19x12x14 inches or more valuable than $5,000 can’t be shipped to an Amazon Locker or Hub. Your shipping options may also be restricted, and not every Locker location can receive every package, so they may appear grayed out on the list.

And, of course, the program is expanding but they’re not everywhere yet. Keep a close eye on Amazon for more information about when they’ll appear in your area.

One last option

If you don’t have an Amazon Hub or Locker near you, there’s another option for you. Video doorbells are the wave of the present, and can help you see who’s at the door any time of the day from your PC, tablet or phone.

Don’t forget the video doorbell from our sponsor, SimpliSafe. Now, you can get a 60-day guarantee, with free shipping and free returns! Go to SimpliSafe/kim.

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