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How to record your screen on iPhone and iPad

Taking a screenshot on your iPhone or iPad is a great way to capture a moment. Maybe you saw a picture on Instagram you want to save or you need to send a friend a picture of an email.

The only problem with a screenshot is it only captures still images or single frames from a video.

If you’re trying to give someone a step-by-step tutorial on how to do anything on your phone or tablet, you’ll wind up sending a ton of pictures.

Fortunately, Apple offers a better option for you than the typical screen shot. In just a few simple steps, you can activate and record all of the actions that are shown on your screen.

How to record screenshots on Apple’s iPhone and iPad

To activate screen recording, you first need to go into your iPhone settings and navigate to the control center option. Once inside the control center, select customize controls and press the green plus sign next to the option that says, ‘screen recording.’

Once you’ve added screen recording to your repertoire of tools in the control center, you’ll be able to access the screen recording option with the swipe of a finger. To view the control center main screen all you need to do is unlock your phone and swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

To enable screen recording on your iPad, you will follow the same steps used to enable recording on your iPhone.

Deactivating screen recording

Deactivating the screen recording option on your iPhone or iPad is almost identical to how you would activate it. The only difference is, once in the control center settings, you will select the red minus sign then press the back button in the top left corner when you are finished.

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