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How to record your Android screen

Screenshots, anyone? Whether you want to share or save what is displayed on your Android screen, the easiest method for doing so is by taking a screenshot; also referred to as a screen capture or screen grab. Although most know how to use this feature, if you are not one of them, you are in luck, as we have covered how to take a screenshot on any Android phone.

While screenshots are fantastic for taking an image of your device’s screen, did you know you can also record what is displayed? Why would one want or need to do that? Aside from the coolness factor, reasons for recording your screen are many, including demonstrate a process, provide feedback, or record a software error or bug.

Curious as to how recording your screen works? We’ve got all the details for you. Let’s take a look, starting with Android’s built-in feature.

Android built-in screen recording

Android has had built-in screen recording capability for some time, however, it is quite challenging to enable. Even with the latest OS, Android Q (unofficial name), which is currently in beta, you can record your device’s screen.

But, this feature continues to remain buried within developer options, leaving most Android users unaware of its existence. If you are fortunate enough to have the latest OS version, here is how to activate native screen recording.

Please note: These instructions will vary depending on your device.

Head over to developer options in Settings, locate Feature flags and click on it. Scroll down to the settings_screenrecord_long_press option and enable the feature using the toggle button.

Now it’s time to bring up the power menu by pressing and holding down the power button. On the power menu, tap and hold down the screenshot button which will display a screen recording pop-up. Click the Start Recording button, and you are good to go.

Mobizen Screen Recorder

Due to the complexity of launching Android’s built-in screen recorder, most opt for third-party apps, such as the Mobizen Screen Recorder that is user-friendly, performs well, and is free to use (contain ads).

This screen recorder allows you to record in HD, capture, edit and has tutorials within the application. Premium Mobizen provides additional features including the use of your own watermark, and the ability to create animated GIFS. Pricing ranges from $1.99 a month, $4.99 every 3 months and $17.99 for a year.

After downloading Mobizen from Google Play Store and going through the setup process, you are ready to start recording. You will notice a small AirCircle icon on your device’s screen. Tap the image and choose the record symbol, which will initiate a 3 second countdown to the start of recording.

The Mobizen AirCircle will have a timer below its logo to help you keep an eye on video length. To stop the video, click the app icon again and tap pause, or the stop button if finished recording. Once you tap to stop, you will have the option to view, close, or delete the video.

Other adjustments such as video resolution, enabling face cam, and choosing a storage path can be made within the app settings. Editing features include cut/split, add intros and outros, and background music.

Want to close the app? Hold down on the app icon and drag it down to the X at the bottom of your screen. Relaunching the Mobizen app will once again display the AirCircle on your screen.

Bonus: Are you an Apple user? Click or tap here to learn how to record your screen on your Apple device.

AZ Screen Recorder – No Root

Similar to Mobizen, the AZ Screen Recorder is lauded by many as one of the top screen recording apps. Although this app is free (contains ads), one payment of $2.99 will permit the use of all features.

Available in the Google Play Store, AZ has no time limit or watermarks and does not require root access. Once you have downloaded, installed, and launched the AZ Screen Recorder, the app will display a group of overlay buttons on your screen that includes capture options: screenshots, live steam, and record.

You can stop or pause the video any time during your recording by tapping the applicable button in your notifications. To access the editing tools, including trim video, crop screen, replace audio, merge videos, add text, stickers and convert video sections into GIFS you must download and install the AZ Plugin 2. Closing and relaunching AZ is identical to the Mobizen app.

ADV Screen Recorder

As with the AZ Screen Recorder, this app does not require root access to screen record. ADV Screen Recorder is user-friendly and offers several features including the ability to draw or write text on your screen while recording.

In addition, it allows you to switch from the front or back camera while recording. Although free (contains ads) in the Google Play Store, there is an ADV Pro for 99 cents that will remove all ads. The app is quick to set up and will create an app circle icon on your screen.

During your recording, ADV will indicate the length of your video with a timer. If you need to stop or pause while recording, tap the timer icon, and choose either option. Once the recording is complete, ADV will provide trim, delete or share options in your notification window. Shutting down and restarting the app is the same as Mobizen and AZ.

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