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How to read your ‘secret’ messages on Facebook

It’s always exciting when a new message pops up in Facebook Messenger. But guess what? There’s a hidden folder that might be holding messages you never knew about.

The folder is designed as a place to store messages that Facebook identifies as spam, just like the “Junk” folder in your inbox. The only difference is that you don’t receive any sort of notification that these messages exist.

New messages from people on your Friends list will show up as alerts in Facebook Messenger. But sometimes people who aren’t on your Friends list will send you messages.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t know them. It could be an old friend from college that is just now reaching out or a former colleague that’s trying to network. The problem is that sometimes Facebook labels these messages as spam, then dumps them into this hidden folder. Here’s how you can find them.

1. Open the Facebook Messenger app, then tap the “People” button on the lower right.


2. Tap “Message Requests,” then under Filtered Requests tap “Show All.”

3. Review messages Facebook has marked as spam.

Hidden Messages 6

You can also find these hidden messages from your Facebook account. To do that, just click on the messages icon at the top of the screen. Then, tap “Message Requests” and click “See filtered requests.”


This will show you the messages that have been flagged as spam in your account.

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