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How to install a security camera without breaking any laws

Security cameras are a great way to protect your property. Tap or click here for essential ways to keep hackers out of your smart home security cameras. But if you don’t set them up correctly, you could pay an arm and a leg. We’re not talking about maintenance fees, either — we’re talking about legal fees.

You could wind up like Englishman Jon Woodard if you aren’t careful. After setting up security cameras, a neighbor sued him, claiming they were too intrusive. A judge took the neighbor’s side, meaning Woodard could face damages of more than $137,000.

Of course, this took place across the pond, far from the U.S. But you never know if your neighbor might take umbrage with your security setup and take you to court. That’s why you should do everything by the book when you’re securing your property.

What you should know

Of course, you have the right to set up security cameras around your property. You just need to make sure they aren’t recording areas where people expect privacy.

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For example, if you set up a camera in your backyard, ensure it isn’t pointed towards your neighbor’s backyard patio or bedroom window. It isn’t fair to them if your camera records their parties and conversations. Try to set up your camera at an angle that isn’t capturing their private moments.

Remember: If you want to film someone, you need their written consent. If you want to really dot your I’s and cross your T’s, check out your state regulations on home security cameras. It varies from state to state since there aren’t federal laws regulating surveillance cameras in the home.

Luckily, put together an easy resource you can use to make sure your cameras aren’t crossing any lines. Tap or click here for an overview of state laws on security cameras.

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