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Save time and understand videos better with YouTube transcripts

If you have ever watched a YouTube video and wondered, “What the heck are they saying?” you’re not alone. YouTubers are infamous for speaking almost as quickly as auctioneers. They often stumble over their words, which can make videos hard to understand.

That can be tricky when you’re using YouTube for free education. Say you’re watching a video about cybersecurity. You won’t be able to absorb much information about this important topic if you’re constantly rewinding. Tap or click here for YouTube tricks and tips you’ll wish you knew sooner.

This trick we’re about to share will change your binging sessions forever. The next time you watch a video, you’ll be able to make the most of it. You just need to use the secret ingredient to YouTube success: hidden transcripts.

Never be confused again

Check this out: YouTube generates a hidden transcript for every single video uploaded to its website. You can read exactly what the person in the video is saying and even copy and print it if you want. This is incredibly handy when you are getting DIY instructions or steps to getting something done.

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No longer will you have to start and stop the video to find that specific spot where it wasn’t clear what to do. To see a video’s transcript, open the video in YouTube and press the three dots or the more option underneath the video’s title. Choose “Transcript” from the drop-down menu.

Your screen will look something like this:

This opens up a box on the right side for your screen, which includes words as well as video times. So if you’re looking for a specific keyword, search for it and scroll down. The search will reveal when that sentence shows up.

The only time you won’t get a transcript is if the video owner disabled it, but that hardly ever happens. Happy binging!

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