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How to get started listening to podcasts

Have you gotten into the trend of listening to podcasts yet? I’m sure that you have plenty of friends jubilantly telling you that you have to listen to the latest episode of their favorite podcast.

There are tons of them to choose from that cover pretty much everything from A to Z. You can listen to programs that cover education, entertainment, sports, celebrity interviews and so much more.

If there’s a subject that you’re interested in, there’s most likely a podcast covering it.

One thing that could keep you from listening to podcasts is not knowing where to begin. Don’t be afraid, it’s a really simple process once you’ve learned.

That’s why we’re going to teach you how to get started listening to podcasts.

What are podcasts?

The term “podcast” came about because podcasts were primarily produced for iPod users, but you don’t have to own an iPod to listen to them. In the same way Kim’s radio show is broadcast to listeners across the nation, podcasts are produced and “broadcast” to subscribers – or anyone who’s interested in the topic, and wants to download them.

Kim is always looking for the most interesting topics for listeners of her radio show. But there’s not always time to delve into some of the topics in great detail.

That’s what makes the Komando On Demand Podcasts so great. In the podcasts, Kim is able to explore every aspect of a topic and share how it impacts you personally.

Here’s an example. Many people consider themselves “foodies” these days. That’s a term used to describe people with a strong interest in gourmet food. It can mean both eating and cooking great food.

In the following podcast, Kim takes a look at high tech bullet-proof police protection gear that you can get too.  For every police officer that goes down in the line of fire, hundreds are saved by new technologies in ballistics, body armor, bullet-proof protective gear and trauma prep packs. Now you can get the very same gear used by Special Elite, Armed Forces and Law Enforcement to protect you and your family. Listen Now.

That’s just one of the great topics from the Komando On Demand Podcast, but Kim shares a new podcast each week on her site and on iTunes.

She also shares the latest updates from the tech world in her podcasts.  Consumer Tech UpdateTech News Today and Tech News This Week. Take a listen!

What’s different about podcasts?

You’re probably wondering: what makes podcasts different? For me, it’s all about the convenience. I listen to my favorite podcasts while I’m cooking, or hiking, or in the car during my commute to work. With podcasts, you can listen to exactly what you want, whenever you want. It’s incredible!

Subscribing vs. downloading

When you try podcasts out for the first time, it can feel a little overwhelming. There are so many to choose from, and not all of them cover the topics that interest you. That’s why it’s good to know that you can download individual episodes to test them out first.

If you find a particular podcast that you really enjoy, you can subscribe to that podcast. When you subscribe, the newest episode of that podcast will automatically be downloaded to your gadget when it becomes available.

How to listen and subscribe:

Listening to Kim’s podcasts is simple. If you subscribe to her newsletters, we’ll share the latest podcast episode with you each week, as well as some of Kim’s favorite episodes from the archives. You can also hop on over to the podcast page on Kim’s site and listen for free through your web browser or download the audio files.

However, I know a lot of people like to listen on their mobile gadgets, so I’m going to tell you how to listen there as well.


Click here for Komando on Demand. Then click view in iTunes and the Subscribe button.  If you want to download previous podcasts, scroll down the episode list and tap the downward arrow coming out of a cloud.

Podcasts will also download any new podcast episodes that are released. Downloaded podcasts will be deleted 24 hours after you’ve listened to them, or marked as played. To keep an episode download around, or remove a download you don’t care for, tap the circle “i” icon and choose “Mark as Played,” “Save Episode” or “Delete Download.”

Click here for Tech News Today

Click here for Tech News This Week

Click here for Consumer Tech Update


Downloading podcasts on Android used to require third-party apps, but Google Play Music finally launched a podcast section. You can listen to podcasts through your web browser, or through the Google Play Music app on your smartphone.

Click here for Komando on Demand and click “Subscribe” so you get notified when new podcasts are available. Of course, the Google Play Music podcast feature is still in progress, so it might not work as well as third-party apps quite yet.

Click here for Tech News Today

Click here for Tech News This Week

Click here for Consumer Tech Update

Note: You may need to update the Google Play Music app first to get access to podcasts. Open your Google Play app and tap the icon with the three horizontal lines in the upper-right corner. Tap “My apps & games” and tap the “Update All” button.

If you want to use a third-party app like BeyondPod, our podcast is available there as well. Simply search for “Komando On Demand,” then tap on it and tap the “Subscribe” button at the top of the page.

BeyondPod will start downloading the latest episode. To listen, tap the icon with the three horizontal lines in the upper-left corner and look under “All feeds.” Tap “Komando On Demand” and the latest episode will show up. In the title bar, where it says “My Episodes,” you can tap and see all the available episodes for the podcast. You can stream or download any of them you wish.

There’s an App for that

Get Kim’s FREE Komando app now for your phone and tablet. Not only will you get all of the free podcasts, but you won’t miss breaking tech news 24/7, security alerts, and great prizes and shop deals. You can also connect with Kim on social media and even send her your questions.

Apple user? Click here to download the app in Apple’s App Store.

Android User? Click here to download the app in Google Play.

Bonus:  Kim’s Club members can download her national radio show podcast to listen at any time.  You don’t want to miss out!  Members also get exclusive behind the scene access and a ton of other perks! Click here to become a Kim’s Club member now!

Now that you know how to experience podcasts, give them a try. You’ll have unlimited entertainment at your fingertips.

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