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How to download your entire Amazon purchase history

Amazon is a useful tool whether it’s for shopping, reading on the Kindle, listening to audiobooks with Audible, or a plethora of other choices available with the service. Have you ever wondered what all you’ve purchased through Amazon over the years, or how much you’ve spent on the platform?

I’ve made more orders than I can honestly remember on Amazon. While I’ve always known how to view the recent order history or select specific dates, I didn’t know there were other options available.

The one thing you may not know is that you can actually find that information. Sure you can go to the Orders tab and select the date and breakdown the order range, but what if you want to actually get the report?

One point I didn’t know is that you can actually download your entire order history from the site.Keep reading and we’ll guide you through your Amazon account to help you find out exactly what you’ve purchased from last week to many years ago.

How do I create an order history report?

The order history report feature enables you to download your complete listing of purchase, return, and refund actions for orders. It comes in comma-separated values (CSV) file format, which is compatible with and can be opened with Microsoft Excel.

First, to actually create an order history report, you’ll want to:

  1. Sign in to your Amazon account
  2. Click on Your Account under the Account & Lists tab in the upper right corner
  3. Select Download order reports in the Ordering and shopping preference section
  4. Select the report type from the drop-down menu that you’d like to see, then fill in the start date, end date, and report name
  5. Click Request Report
  6. When the report is complete, you’ll receive an e-mail notification
  7. To retrieve the report, visit Order History Reports and click Download

When you’re choosing options for the report it automatically defaults to Items, where it will show your actual purchases. You can also break it down further as your options are Items, Orders and Shipments, Refunds and Returns.

Lastly, you can select a start and end date on the form and then press Request report. From here, Amazon will tell you it’s processing your document and will email a link to the finished product when it’s done that you can then download.

What’s in Amazon’s order history report?

As far as the data in the report, they’ve included a lot for your viewing. It was really surprising the level of specific information available as it includes:

  • Order dates
  • Title or name of the product purchased
  • Category of purchase
  • Condition of the product
  • List price, actual purchase pricing, total overall pricing
  • Payment methods
  • All of your shipment information from when it was shipped, to where it was being shipped, and who shipped it

Your statement will show you just how much you’ve actually spent over the years, along with what you’ve spent it on.

So as you can see, Amazon does keep a rather comprehensive listing of exactly what you ordered, when you ordered it, and what you originally paid. One interesting thing to keep in mind is that you can see on average how much you spend on Amazon per year.

With this great feature, you can also keep track of when you actually purchased a particular item. Such as something technology related, which can be helpful if you’re trying to warranty an item.

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