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Here’s an easy way to delete unwanted online accounts

Is your phone running slow? A variety of culprits could be to blame, but the most common is having too many apps. From social media to games to pre-installed programs, apps take up storage and sometimes sap your data without you knowing it. Tap or click here for tips on cleaning out smartphone apps.

Deleting your apps won’t solve all your problems, however. Many apps contain your personal information. You’ll want to delete those accounts before getting rid of the apps. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done.

There’s a useful site a useful site that makes it easy to find the relevant pages you need to delete an account. We’ll show you how it works.

They don’t want you to go

Digital overload is all too real. Keeping up with all the emails, tweets, Facebook posts, news updates and notifications can make your head spin — especially if those notifications are from unwanted accounts.

The companies behind your apps don’t want to lose you. Some of them make it difficult for you to delete your account. You may need to log in from a desktop browser or even reach out to the company.

Certain sites like Pinterest and Evernote make it impossible to erase them from your digital life. Other sites hide their deletion links deep within the site, and you’ll have to dig pretty deep to find it.

Fortunately, one website makes it easier to find the relevant pages to delete an account.

Ready to break up with Facebook? You’ll want to get your stuff off of there first. Tap or click here to import all your photos and videos from Facebook.

Just delete me, already

Having trouble finding the right page to delete your account? Go to justdeleteme and click on or type in the name of the service you want to drop.

The site uses color codes according to how complex the deletion process is for a site: green is easy, yellow is medium, red is hard and black is impossible.

Simply click on the top name in the colored box to be redirected to the section of that site that lets you delete your accounts. You can also click on the Show Info button if you find yourself stuck and need more background.

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The more online accounts you have, the more at risk you are when hackers come calling. With a new breach around every corner, your usernames and passwords just aren’t safe. That’s why getting rid of apps you are not using is crucial. This will help protect your data.

Now it’s time to get deleting.

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