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Car warranty scam calls are annoying – What does real car warranty insurance do?

Presented by CarShield - CarShield Cars Go Farther!

Presented by CarShield - CarShield Cars Go Farther!

Call 1-800-858-2550 and mention code KIM, or visit and use code KIM to save 20%.

Robocalls are an enormous issue; they’re irritating, intrusive and seemingly neverending. In fact, eight out of 10 Americans told The Pew Research Center they don’t even answer calls from unknown numbers.

For some reason, scammers love to pretend they’re with a legitimate company that provides car warranties. So many of us get a neverending barrage of robots calling us, saying, “I’m here to talk to you about your car’s extended warranty.” Tap or click here to stop getting so many car warranty robocalls.

However, you shouldn’t associate car warranties with scams. It’s a common misconception that all car warranties are fake since we get so many robocalls about them. But it’s a helpful service people may not fully understand. That’s why we’re putting together a handy guide to explain it all, brought to you by our sponsor CarShield.

Car warranties give you peace of mind while you’re on the road

Car crashes can do a lot more than destroy your car. They can also tank the amount of cash you have in your bank account. Repairs are incredibly costly, which is why warranties are so helpful.

That’s why typical auto warranties cover you for about three years or 36,000 miles. Once you’ve either driven this many miles or owned the car for this many years, the warranty ends. For that time period, though, the manufacturer will cover the necessary repairs.

Of course, the repairs it covers depend on the warranty’s terms and conditions. They can help you deal with things like seals on the radiator cap breaking, coolant tanks, and other dangerous internal problems. For example, many factory warranties include corrosion, maintenance and emissions coverage.

They’re a way to get relief when you have unexpected car troubles. However, this relief only lasts so long. That’s why extended car warranties are super helpful. They help cover the cost of certain car repairs after the manufacturer’s initial warranty expires.

Kim trusts CarShield to have her back

Computer systems in cars are the new normal. When something breaks, it could cost a fortune. And now is not the time for expensive repairs.

That’s where CarShield comes in. You could save thousands on covered repairs. CarShield offers customizable and flexible payment plans with no long-term contracts — plus, you can choose your favorite mechanic or dealership to do the work. They also offer complimentary 24/7 roadside assistance and a rental car while yours is being fixed.

CarShield has helped over 1 million customers! Drive with confidence with America’s No. 1 auto protection company. Protect yourself from surprises and save thousands for a covered repair!

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