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Home security system monitors your home for criminals, fire and frozen pipes

Presented by SimpliSafe

Presented by SimpliSafe

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Do you ever wonder what your pet does while you’re away at work? Or perhaps you live alone and you’re searching for a simple, user-friendly home security system. Home security devices have been around for years, but like our cellphones, they continue to improve with time.

One of the best home security systems on the market is our sponsor SimpliSafe. SimpliSafe is so much more than a run-of-the-mill security alarm. In fact, it could easily be described as a cross between a virtual home assistant and a security system.

SimpliSafe can help you and your family monitor your home when you’re away or asleep, and it can also help you avoid unwanted expenses and accidents such as leaks and house fires.

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The basics of SimpliSafe

Let’s start with the basics: SimpliSafe is first and foremost a home security system designed to protect your home from intruders. The small sensor detects a break-in and then prompts the base system to sound, alerting the SimpliSafe monitoring team (which is on call 24 hours a day.) A security professional will then call you and unless you cancel the alarm, the police are immediately dispatched to your address.

Unlike many home security systems, you don’t have to worry about your pet accidentally setting off the alarm. The folks at SimpliSafe have engineered the motion detectors to detect the unique heat signature of humans, not animals. The sensors are so precise that they can even tell the difference between a glass window shattering and a plate breaking. In fact, SimpliSafe encourages potential customers to “Smash a plate and see for yourself.”

SimpliSafe security devices also have remarkable signal-burst technology while still conserving power, meaning that you don’t have to worry about changing batteries or hiding large antennas. The SimpliSafe devices are small yet effective and they can be placed throughout your home.

Not only will a SimpliSafe system provide you with security and peace of mind, but it may also help you avoid unfortunate incidents such as house fires and water damage. If the SimpliSafe device detects a fire, it will sound a full alarm to alert you and your family. It will then immediately call the fire department. SimpliSafe also alerts you when your pipes are at risk of freezing or bursting, potentially saving you and your family the headache and financial burden of leaks, water damage and mold.

Control SimpliSafe a variety of ways

You can monitor and adjust your security settings using the SimpliSafe app via your smartphone, computer, or tablet. The app allows you to watch a live, HD feed of your home so you can keep an eye on things while you’re away. You can also adjust the alarm settings to fit your daily needs, i.e. your children coming home early. And, like all good apps, you can set up push notifications to your device to ensure that you are always in the know.

SimpliSafe has various packages to fit your unique security needs. You can purchase the Simplicam if you’re looking for a simple security camera or you can check out the more advanced packages that are based on the size of your home.

The biggest appeal of a SimpliSafe is the simplicity. The device lives up to its name; The installation is simple. No drilling or power tools required. Upon opening the box, just set up your base station, place your sensors, and voila! You also don’t have to worry about signing a lengthy contract, just simply pay each month and cancel whenever you like.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. However, if you’re still apprehensive you can try SimpliSafe for 60 days and if you aren’t completely satisfied you can return the device and SimpliSafe will even pay for the return shipping cost.

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