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6 high-tech grilling and poolside gadgets

Summertime rocks! Its warm sunny days beg for you to head outdoors and revel in the season. So pull your grill out of hiding, air up your water wings, grab some high-tech gadgets and let the fun begin.

High-tech gadgets? Yep. Several ingenious tools will prove indispensable during your time outside. From performing your mundane outdoor tasks automatically to making get-togethers more enjoyable, high-tech gadgetry will prove central to your summer-time routine.

Considering summer lasts but a blink, here are a few must-haves to get you grilling and chilling as quickly as possible. To make your summer even brighter, all items are available through Amazon and offer either free or Prime shipping.

Grillbot does the cleaning for you

Anyone who takes to the grill every summer knows cleaning it can be quite a chore. This year, make cleaning your grill a breeze with the Grillbot.

How easy is it to use? It only requires three steps. Place the Grillbot on your dirty grill grates, press the on button, then sit back and watch Grillbot perform the hard work for you.

Once it begins, the Grillbot will automatically move across your grill with its wire brushes and scrub away any debris. Don’t think this robot can do the job? This fully-automated device is equipped with three motors and a ‘Smart Brain’ CPU that determines movement, direction and speed of the brushes. When Grillbot is finished cleaning, it will sound an alarm.

BeerDroid: brewing beer the easy way

What’s better than a Grillbot cleaning your grill for you? Watching it clean while you are drinking a cold one made with the help of BeerDroid from BrewArt. There’s no more hassling with the traditional beer brewing process with BeerDroid’s fully-automated system. Just add the ingredients and let BeerDroid do its thing.

With the BeerDroid app, Wi-Fi, and its LCD screen, you can monitor, control and customize each 2.6-gallon batch. BeerDroid will detect and notify you when your brew is complete and ready for kegging.

Gaswatch keeps an eye on the tank

While charcoal grilling has a throng of devotees, firing up some food with propane also has its share of enthusiasts. If you are one who enjoys grilling with a tank GasWatch, a Bluetooth enabled digital propane level indicator is a necessity.

Along with Bluetooth technology to connect to your smartphone, there is a GasWatch app that will display cook time, the percentage of gas remaining and alert you to the propane levels. No more worrying about whether you have enough propane to get you through your cooking time. Your stomach thanks you.


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pHin reinvents pool care

Correctly monitoring and measuring pool chemicals is required for safe swimming. Although you routinely check chemical levels by dipping test strips into the pool water, using pHin, a Wi-Fi enabled smart care monitor, testing your pool’s chemicals is no longer monotonous nor messy.

Drop this device in your pool and let it monitor the water temperature and chemistry, including the pH, chlorine, hardness, bromine, Cyanuric acid and Bromine, 24/7. pHin will notify your smartphone via the pHin app when it is time to adjust chemical levels.

And, depending on the chemicals you use for your pool, pHin can offer specific amount recommendations. The pHin includes a one year monitoring app service. If you wish to continue your subscription, the rate is $99 per year.


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Dolphin Premier is the high-tech pool boy

Reclaim a few hours of your day with the Dolphin Premier robotic pool cleaner. This plug and play cleaning device for in-ground pools up to 50 feet will ensure complete pool coverage, including the walls, in 3 hours.

Is it difficult to use? Nope. Plug it in, drop it in the water, press start on the remote control and watch the Dolphin Premier clean your pool.

You can even schedule the Premier to clean with three different options. The device comes with three styles of filters which can be changed out depending on the type of debris and level of cleaning your pool requires. When do you clean the filter? The Dolphin Premier will let you know with its full filter indicator.

The coolest cooler is also the cleverest

Seriously! With your pool clean and its chemicals balanced, you can take the opportunity to lounge poolside and enjoy a round of frozen drinks with your guests.

What to do? Yes, you can get up and head off to the kitchen away from your company to blend up some Margaritas. Or, you could quickly grab the ingredients out of the Coolest Cooler and blend them up using your customized cooler’s blending lid.

You heard me right. The Coolest Cooler has a myriad of customizing options including a Solar Powered USB lid or the Blender lid which features a USB outlet to power your smart devices, LED lid light, mix master drink guide and of course a 20V rechargeable blender. Did I forget to mention the Coolest Cooler has a 60 quart capacity and boasts a 4-5 day ice retention? Coolest. Cooler. Ever.

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