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Get high-quality protective gear

Today’s battlefield is right here on our city streets, and domestic terrorism is getting harder to predict. Colorado Springs lost three law enforcement officers in just six weeks’ time, so it’s easy to understand why police and first responders are on edge.

But for every life lost in the line of fire, thousands are saved by new technology in ballistics, body armor, bullet-proof protective gear and trauma preparedness packs.

Now you can get the very same gear used by Special Elite, Armed Forces and Law Enforcement to protect you and your family. In this article, I’ll gloss over some cutting edge, protective technology to help you gear up, prepare smart, and stay ready.

Body armor

Let’s start with body armor. Not everyone wants to wear bullet-proof, steel protection. But if you do, you need to know that all vests are not equal.

Make sure your vest meets the National Institute of Justice’s standards for ballistic resistance. Not all steel is the same, and not all vests protect against all threats, so it’s crucial to determine which threat you need to be shielded from.


Regardless of performance level, NIJ’s ballistics testing must conclude that the bullet cannot perforate the vest and that the vest provides adequate protection against blunt trauma.


NIJ’s stab resistance body armor standard requires, at the minimum, the body armor to protect the torso against slashes and stabs from knives and spikes. The stab resistant standard tests three performance levels at different strike force speeds and is based on the armor’s ability to prevent injury to a person’s internal organs.

It’s all in the vest

The type of weapon is also crucial to the standard: higher quality, commercially produced knives produce different wounds than lower-quality blades and spikes of various improvised materials like a glass shard. Combination Threat vests are designed to stop both sharp objects and high-velocity ballistic impact, but there are no defined NIJ standards as of yet.

In my recent podcast, Spartan Armor Systems goes into great detail about various types of steel, weapons testing and coatings that all work together to make the perfect body armor and I spoke to “Colorado Emergency Prep Radio” Owner/Operator Don Rogers, formerly in the military, who now teaches others how to protect, defend and prepare for any threat situation.

More protective gear

Bulletproof gloves and glasses are essential in a public threat emergency situation. For ideal protection, Rogers recommends the same glasses used by the military on the battlefield. The best ones meet the MIL-SPEC ballistic military standard, which involves shooting them and running over them repeatedly, creating the utmost in high-velocity impact situations.

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