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Don’t do it – This viral trick can damage your AirPods or Mac

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TikTok is so powerful, even CNN has an account, and they recently posted a hack that sounds relatively useful. Many users aren’t aware there is a magnet in both AirPods and Macbooks. This means they can essentially stick together for storage.

But should you be doing it? No! Here’s why this viral trick can damage your AirPods, and you should avoid it altogether.

The scoop

Recently, CNN reported that you could easily store Apple AirPods directly on your computer screen thanks to magnets inside both devices. Place them on the screen of your computer, and voila, they will stay put.

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You don’t have to put both AirPods in the same place either. They each have separate magnets. While this is a neat trick, we have some reasons you shouldn’t be doing this.

Magnets are there for a reason

So, your laptop has magnets for a reason. Macbooks, and all laptops for that matter, utilize special technology to perform at optimum power.

There’s a reason your laptop can automatically detect when to stay awake, when something is close to the screen and when to go to sleep. These features are partly thanks to magnets built-in.

If you place your AirPods on the lid of your computer, you may accidentally trick your laptop into sleep mode, which can be a pain. And that’s the best-case scenario.

You could forget they are there

AirPods aren’t cheap, so you wouldn’t want to damage them accidentally. But that’s what could happen if you aren’t careful.

Losing them is your first concern, but you could easily damage AirPods if you place them on your laptop’s screen. What if you get up and forget they are there? If you accidentally slam your lid with AirPods attached, you could damage them and your MacBook. Maybe even break them beyond repair.

They belong in their case

Wireless AirPods are great until they die. That’s why they are designed to stay in their storage case when you aren’t using them, so they can charge before you use them the next time.

When you store AirPods on the lid of your laptop, you aren’t charging them. The battery will drain that much quicker, shortening its lifespan. Be smart and keep AirPods in their case where they belong.

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