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5 photo storage options beyond Google Photos

Presented by IDrive

Presented by IDrive

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Paid subscriptions have taken over our lives. There are cloud storage subscriptions, game app fees, data plans and an endless list of monthly service bills we have to pay. The last thing we want is to pay to store our photos.

Unfortunately, Google Photos no longer offers unlimited free storage. Tap or click here for 20 Google Photos tips. If you want to avoid a paid subscription with Google, we are here to help.

But Google Photos isn’t your only option. The internet is filled with storage options to meet your needs. Here are some of the best alternatives out there.


Flickr hosts over 10 million photos on its platform and has a large community of collaborators. Unlike the other options on our list, Flickr is just for photos. It does offer a free option, but that caps at 1,000 photos. This translates to 2 to 3 GB of images, depending on the size of each. If you opt for a paid plan, you’ll pay $6.99 monthly for a TB of storage.

Con: This is one of the most expensive storage options on the list.

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Amazon Photos

If you are already utilizing the many benefits of Amazon Prime, here’s another one you should consider: Amazon Photos. It comes free for those who already belong to Amazon Prime. So Prime members get 5GB of free storage for photos and videos. If you need more space than that, plans begin at $1.99 per month.

Con: If you aren’t interested in Amazon Prime’s many benefits, the yearly cost of $119 is too much to pay to store photos.

Interested in Amazon Prime? Here are Amazon Prime discounts and perks you’ll use time and time again.


Just like some prefer ordering from Amazon over Walmart, Apple users love their brand. That’s why iPhone users should consider storing their photos in iCloud, if only for the convenience that comes with it.

Storage plans start at 99 cents a month for 50GB of storage, but you’ll get 5GB of storage for free.

Con: If you want to use iCloud and are an Android user, the only way to access your data is through the website.

Microsoft OneDrive

Another full-service offering, you can store more than just photos with Microsoft OneDrive. This is a good option if you deal with many Word documents or work with Microsoft programs. With Microsoft OneDrive, sharing and collaborating with others is made easy.

Like other programs, you get 5GB of storage for free, but you’ll have to sign up. Upgrade to 100GB of storage for just $1.99 a month, which is on par with what iCloud offers.

Con: While it is a good option, if you don’t use Microsoft programs regularly, you may want to pass because you won’t end up utilizing some of its core features.


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