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Always wanted to learn Morse code? This app makes it easy

Practical and survival skills are hard to come by these days. Whether it’s because fewer people are camping or more people are staying indoors and watching Netflix, skills like woodworking, starting fires, or Morse code are no longer widely taught.

It’s kind of a shame, really. Morse code can be an absolute lifesaver in times of trouble. It’s widely understood by a number of different organizations and militaries around the world and has helped countless people call for help when in distress.

But now, Google wants to help bring Morse code back to the masses with its cool new website Typing Trainer, another experimental feature from the team behind Chrome.

To make Morse code easier for anyone to learn, Google has developed an input method for its wildly popular Gboard keyboard, which can be installed on your smartphone. The app includes a tutorial function, keyboard integration and several games for users to practice with.

Gboard is already cool enough on its own, with features like emoji fusion and highly-intelligent auto-suggestions. But the Morse code extension actually goes deeper and teaches new users the actual letter and number meanings behind those dashes and dots.

What’s more, you can even get auto-suggestions for your input as well, which lets you actually text your friends using Morse code language. And don’t worry, they won’t get a bunch of dots and dashes on their end — this is about teaching you.

It’s been said that real-world use is the best way to learn any language — even constructed ones like Morse code. By integrating this skill into a feature you’ll use every day, don’t be surprised if you start tapping out “SOS” on every surface around you.

Try this app. It’s great stuff!

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