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Need tech help? Don’t go to a repair shop or Google it. Do this instead

You get many questions when you have a tech show broadcast to hundreds of radio stations. I wish I could swoop in and help people with their tech issues individually. Since that’s impossible, I did the next best thing: I hand-picked a team of experts who can provide personalized tech support for all your IT problems.

No matter what kind of device you’re struggling with, my team can help. I say “my team” because although they don’t work with me, I’ve thoroughly reviewed their policies, tech and expertise. With a few clicks of a mouse, they can eliminate complex tech issues that would have taken hours to fix on your own.

If the world of IT support seems mysterious to you, I can help you peek behind the curtain. Tap or click here to find out the secret meanings behind 10 code words technicians use. Now that you know more about tech lingo let’s dive into the good stuff.

Why I trust this team to give you the best tech support

Most people turn to the internet when they have a tech problem. You probably Google it since that’s the number one search engine. According to Internet Live Stats, Google processes more than 99,000 searches every second.

Popularity doesn’t mean efficiency, though. Sometimes the results out there just don’t help. You have to deal with ads cluttering the top of the page and search results that don’t match what you had in mind.

Around 30% of people have to redo Google searches, which can take precious time. Tap or click here for five tricks to get better Google search results. Sometimes, though, the internet can’t help. When problems are insurmountable, you need help from an actual human.

However, searching the web for trustworthy IT experts is a long and arduous journey. You have to swim through fakes and scammers. Then, when you finally find someone, you’re taking a leap of faith.

Trust is a big problem with online tech support. You’re allowing someone to access your device — and you’re smart enough to know that’s not always safe.

That’s why I created

If you're looking for the best reliable and trustworthy team for personalized tech support, look no further than Get Kim's Help, the best IT team there is.

I vetted the team behind Get Kim’s Help and the technology they use myself. I’ve methodically looked over their policies and strategies. I rigorously checked their IT workers’ backgrounds to ensure you’re getting help from the most qualified people.

When you sign up for GetKimsHelp, you can either ring up the team or reach out online. Then, you’re paired with an IT genius. After you explain your tech issue, they can tell you what to do or fix it by going into your device remotely.

If it sounds worrying, I’ll walk you through it. Here’s how it works:

  • Technicians use a one-time code to access your phone or computer, and only with your permission.
  • They can never get back in without your permission and don’t leave anything on your system.
  • They can’t access your banking info, passwords, or other confidential information.

Of course, you’re welcome to watch the entire time they work to solve your tech problem. This way, you can ensure they don’t open anything you don’t want them to.

The experts at Get Kim’s Help can solve any tech problem, whether you’re struggling with your Wi-Fi, printer, smartphone, computer, TV, smart speaker, or other connected devices. They can fix most issues in 10 minutes or less! 

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