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Get cooking with these piping-hot YouTube channels

Cooking inspiration is only a click away. YouTube hosts video channels run by both professional and self-taught chefs.

Whether you want to make a pot roast or bake some cinnamon buns, there’s a tutorial that will walk you through everything from the ingredients to the preparation to the final sprig of garnish. Here are the best cooking channels to inspire your dreams of becoming a chef.

Food Wishes

Chef John’s Food Wishes YouTube channel has something for everyone, whether you’re an experienced cook or are just starting to explore the kitchen. On the more adventurous side, Chef John offers up recipes for items like deviled lobster tails and mille-feuille (a Napoleon pastry). If that sounds a little ambitious, then check out the pumpkin-spice snickerdoodle cookies, classic guacamole, or fresh berry fool (a refreshing summer dessert).

Chef John also delves into some of the seemingly simple, but hard-to-master foods, like soft hard-boiled eggs, refried beans, baked bacon, and North Carolina-style barbecue sauce. It’s easy to get distracted when you’re looking at the many videos offered by Food Wishes. Everything looks delicious and you’re bound to find something new to try out, like Brazilian fish stew or bread stuffed with salami. The videos are entertaining, easy to follow, and come with links to the recipes online so you can print them out and take them into the kitchen with you.

Try it: New & Improved Chicken Parmesan

Chef John has a beef with most normal chicken parmesan recipes: he doesn’t care for the thick layer of rubbery mozzarella on top. His revamped recipe skips the mozzarella entirely, but he doesn’t reveal the secret ingredient until after he’s walked you through pounding out the chicken breasts and seasoning them. Chef John then takes you through a three-step breading process using a single plate. We won’t spoil the cheese surprise, but this Food Wishes video is easy to follow and delivers a tantalizing final dish.

Laura in the Kitchen

Laura Vitale specializes in Italian cuisine, but you will find a wide variety of recipes and tips on her Laura in the Kitchen YouTube channel. Look for creative takes on old favorites like a crock pot chicken stroganoff or a Tex-Mex chicken noodle soup. The food is filling, but still beautiful to behold.

Vitale’s versatility is on display with bread recipes, BBQ chicken, saltine toffee, and pizzas with seasonal ingredient twists. She has a friendly presentation style that helps budding chefs tackle more advanced projects, like making homemade tortellini pasta or bagels.

Try it: Cannoli Dip

Cannoli are delightful Italian desserts with a cookie-like pastry shell and sweet filling that’s often made with ricotta cheese. They can be time-consuming to make and fill in their traditional tube shape, so Vitale reimagines them as a dessert version of chips and dip. She walks you through the creation of two different dip flavors. “It’s like cannoli, but easier,” she said.

Try it: 7 Ways to Chop an Onion

This deadpan video starts off with an actually useful onion-chopping technique and then quickly veers into a surreal romp involving throwing an onion against the wall, Taekwondo, a battery, breakdancing, headphones and black beans. With over 2.3 million views, this is one of the channel’s most popular videos and for good reason. It’s funny and you can really use what you learn at the very beginning.

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