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Games and tricks hidden within your Google search bar

It’s time for a little fun, right? Whether you’ve had a long week, a super-busy day or you could just use a couple of minutes where you’re not being bombarded by politics, work and real life, you could use some distraction.

Fortunately, tech companies have a really good sense of humor. That is, they do if you know insider tricks like these 10 that we’re about to share with you.

You use Google search every day. You use it to get driving directions and recipes. You use it to buy movie tickets, to hear the hours for Sunday mass and so much more.

Yet, you probably don’t know these fun, hidden Google search games and tricks. To get started, go to and start typing these phrases into the search bar.

You’ll have a few belly laughs. Then, share these secrets with anyone who could use a laugh.

Tip in a tip: Who needs fancy computer games.  Did you know A dinosaur roams in Chrome?

1. Spinner

Type “spinner” into your Google search bar and you’ll instantly be part of the fidget spinner craze. You have probably purchased a fidget spinner for your kids or grandchildren.

Those are the little three-pronged gadgets that every kid seemed to be holding between their thumb and index finger over the past year or two. You hold it in place and then use your other hand to spin it around.

When you type in “spinner,” you can virtually spin a fidget spinner. There are two modes, fidget and number, which is a “Wheel of Fortune” type spinner.

2. Pacman

If you want a little bit of fun and nostalgia, Google can relate. Their team apparently has fond memories of playing video games in the 1980s and 1990s.

For instance, type “Pacman” into the search bar. You can play an actual Pacman game – use your keyboard arrow keys to move your Pacman away from danger.

3. “Woof”

Do you want to hear a Google response? Type in “what sound does a dog make” in your search bar.

Heck, you probably know the answer, but it’s pretty fun. Plus, you’ll see a lot of other animals – click on the sound icon and you can hear a rhinoceros, a turkey and more.

4. Google in 1998

Can you believe Google is 20 years old? Check this out.

To see what it looked like back then, type “Google in 1998.” You’ll see what the search engine giant looked like in its humbler days.

5. Fun facts

You know how Snapple has those fun facts underneath each bottle cap? Google does something similar.

Type in “fun facts” and you’ll get a quick factoid. Today it was, “Which is the highest mountain peak in the world?” Answer: Mount Everest.

6. Solitaire

Do you know what an Easter egg is, meaning the virtual kind? It’s a hidden function that you didn’t know was there.

Google search’s Easter eggs include fun, hidden tricks. Like this one: Type “Solitaire” into the search bar.

A solitaire game will pop up on your screen. Just be careful, the entire day could slip away by the time you stop playing!

7. Flip a coin

Do you have a tough decision to make? Well, if you don’t have a coin in your pocket for “heads or tails,” try a virtual version.

Type “flip a coin” into your Google search bar. Your tough choices, like Cheerios or Frosted Flakes, will be made for you.

Alternate: Type in “roll a die” to see what number comes up.

8. Barrel roll

Have you ever played the game “Star Fox 64?” If you have, you’ll get a burst of nostalgia when you type in “do a barrel roll.”

Your screen will suddenly spin around. Now that we think about it, that’s fun even if you haven’t played the game.

9. Tic Tac Toe

If you’re like me, you haven’t won a game of Tic Tac Toe in ages. That track record isn’t likely to change when you play against Google.

Type “tic tac toe” into the Google search bar. Choose “X” or “O” and select your first square.

Tip: Select the center square first to up your odds of winning!

10. Nag a ram

Do you know what an anagram is? Type that word into Google search to see its meaning in action!

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