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Cool site: Free easy-to-use video editing tools

How many pictures do you have on your phone’s camera roll? You don’t have to be a trained photo editor to have amazing images. Tap or click here for five photo apps that make your pics better without any Photoshop skills.

But what about videos? It can take a bit more effort to create the perfect final product. If you need a fast, simple way to edit videos, this browser-based solution might be for you.

Before digging in, it’s worth noting that we recommend using the web app, not the browser extension. While uploading sensitive or personal material might not be the best idea, this site is an excellent resource for quickly and conveniently perfecting small, inconsequential projects anywhere, from any computer.

How to use Web Apps by 123apps

The 123apps site consists of a long list of audio, video, and conversion tools that can be used to edit video and audio projects from any browser. For this piece, we’ll focus on one of the most robust tools in the suite, the video editor.

To begin, click on the video editor icon, the first on the list. Then:

  • Upload your first clip to unlock the video timeline.
  • Add additional clips or media as needed until all your files have been uploaded.
  • Use the web app’s toolkit to arrange, edit, and adjust your video project.
  • Watch it to ensure you’ve got what you need.
  • Hit Save to download the final video or share it directly to your feed.

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Aside from this basic video editor, which lets you do pretty much anything the other tools allow, you can also dive directly into some of the other features listed on the site. You’ll be able to do any of the following:

  • Merge and trim videos.
  • Add text to videos.
  • Crop videos.
  • Flip, rotate, and resize videos.
  • Loop videos.
  • Adjust a video’s speed.
  • Record videos.

To use any of these online editing tools, click on the appropriate button and follow the prompts. Just upload, adjust, export or share.

There are a wealth of PDF tools that can be handy in a pinch. File conversion, archive extraction, and even oddballs like font converters are all available to use from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection.

If you’re using the browser version of the web app, you might need to watch out for things like ads and pop-ups. Avoid clicking on anything suspicious, and you’ll be on your way to a professional-feeling video project in no time.

It’s free, but there’s a premium option

When a web app is this simple and easy to use, video and audio projects suddenly come together quickly. For your next visual presentation, we can recommend giving 123apps a shot.

The tool is free to use with some restrictions. For example, the free option lets you edit 10 files per day, and they are limited to 700MB. And you will see ads. The premium option costs $5 monthly, the number of files you can edit daily is unlimited, and the max file size is 4GB. Plus, you won’t see ads.

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