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Find the BEST content management system for your website

Presented by Capterra

Presented by Capterra

Be more productive in 2020 and visit for free, today, and find the software tools you need for your business.

At first, glance, finding a content management system (CMS) for your business might seem easy. Well, maybe not so easy: There are literally over a thousand active systems on the market to choose from. How do you sift through those and narrow it to the right fit for your needs?

This is where our sponsor, Capterra, comes in. Capterra is a free software guide that helps businesses find the right software for their needs, by allowing users to compare and contrast between the vast array of content management systems available.

Choosing a CMS that matches your company’s DNA is a daunting task, if not done wisely it can have devastating results. Yes, the wrong choice can haunt the I.T. department for years. Too many companies have felt these consequences, simply because they didn’t know what to look for or how to look for it.

What to look for in a CMS

As you may already know, a CMS manages the creation and modification of digital content and has the capability to support multiple users in a collaborative environment.

Some key features of a CMS include collaboration tools, document management, web content publishing, full-text search, text editing, and access controls. Overall, it plays an important role in your day-to-day operations. When searching for a suitable CMS, there a few things to consider:

  1. Make sure the CMS is scalable.
  2. Choose one that supports an omnichannel.
  3. Be sure that it has APIs and plays nice with other apps.
  4. It comes with deployment options.
  5. It should be easy to use.

Just like shopping for anything else, be sure to choose a CMS that fits within your budget. Businesses often try to create their own custom content management software in-house to avoid spending, but this is ill-advised given the results or lack thereof.

We recommend using our sponsor, Capterra. Visit for free, today, to find the right tools to make 2020 the year for your business.

What is Capterra and what does it do?

Think of Capterra as a one-stop shop for users to browse and compare software across numerous services and categories. It saves you time and resources by providing side-by-side comparisons and user reviews on its website.

That means instead of searching/clicking back and forth between five different websites, now you only need one. Furthermore, Capterra’s website and service are free for any and all to use.

If you’re searching for a CMS but you’re not an expert or not sure which would best fit your business, Capterra has dozens, if not hundreds of options listed on its website for you to choose from and compare. Here are some examples.

No matter what you need, Capterra has you covered. Visit for free, today, to find the right tools to make 2020 the year for your business. App background

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