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Kim’s 5 reasons to set up a financial Chromebook

Do you have a Chromebook in your arsenal of gadgets? If you don’t know, they are similar to a laptop but just a little bit different. Chromebooks run on Chrome OS, which was specifically built to be used with an internet connection.

Most of the apps and documents for the fairly inexpensive Chromebook are based in the cloud. The great thing is Google provides 100 GB of cloud storage for free on all Chromebooks for the first year.

There are many practical reasons to get yourself a Chromebook. One is to use a dedicated Chromebook to take care of your finances. Some of you might be skeptical, asking yourself, why not just buy a laptop? Well, Kim’s got five reasons for you, presented by our sponsor, Dell. Need help choosing tech for your small business? The pros at Dell can help.

1. The peace of mind

The best reason to set up a financial Chromebook is for security purposes. Using a Chromebook strictly for conducting financial business is a procedure known as “sandboxing.”

Sandboxing is a security term that refers to programs that are set aside from others in a different environment. This is important in situations where errors or security issues occur. When programs are separated like this, issues will not spread from one section to another within your gadget. For Chromebooks, this area is the cloud.

Since Chromebooks store everything in the cloud and not on a hard drive, you don’t have to live in fear of being infected with a virus. Tap or click here to see if Chromebooks really are virus-free.

Google has multiple layers of protection built into Chromebooks. Those include:

  • Automatic Updates – Chromebooks are always running the most updated version of the OS, so you don’t have to download patches.
  • Sandboxing – Each webpage and application runs in a confined area called a sandbox. If the Chromebook is directed to an infected page, it can’t affect the other tabs or apps, or anything else on the machine. The threat is contained.
  • Verified Boot – Chromebook automatically checks for malware when you start it up, and it fixes any problems before it opens. If it detects anything,l it automatically reverts to a prior, safer, version.
  • Data Encryption – Most data on Chromebooks are saved to the cloud, but anything saved to the computer is encrypted so it’s nearly impossible to be hacked.

Another reason Chromebooks are secure is its operating system does not allow the installation of traditional apps or programs. This really cuts down the chance of downloading a virus. But if you really want to keep your Chromebook secure, don’t use it to surf the web, check email, shop online or visit any social media sites.

Also, delete all financial bookmarks you might have on your old computer and don’t forget to clear its history. Once your financial Chromebook is set up, never use another gadget to access your financial accounts. Tap or click here to delete your search history from social media and your browser.

2. The price is right

Another reason to set up a financial Chromebook is the low cost. Laptops can run you over $1,000, which wouldn’t be cost-effective for a device exclusively used for a single function.

But you can pick up a powerful Chromebook for under $200. That makes it the perfect device to have for the sole purpose of conducting your financial business. We’ll give you a few affordable options in a minute.

3. Programs you want with no extra costs

When you’re working on your finances, you might want to use some of the programs that come with Microsoft Office. As you know, subscribing or purchasing Office can be expensive.

Good news! Chromebooks use the free Google Drive suite for its spreadsheet and word processing functions. Since it’s free, you won’t have to pay for Office.

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4. Super easy to use

With a portable design and seamless offline transition, Chromebooks make work easy for anyone on the go. It’s basically an instant-on gadget.

What I mean is once you’ve logged into your Google account, you’re ready to go. No long load times and no confusing setup. Just flip it open and get going.

5. Stay charged all day

Chromebooks are known to have extremely long-lasting batteries. In fact, your Chromebook’s battery offers up to 12 hours of continuous use. Of course, how you use it may affect the maximum battery life. But this still makes it a reliable device to keep track of all your financial business whenever you need it.

So now you want a Chromebook. Good idea. But which one is right for you?

Find your Chromebook under $200

Google created the Chromebook operating system, then manufacturers like Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo and Samsung released devices that run Chromebook OS.

So you have a lot of options when buying a Chromebook. Of course, when you’re paying $200 or so for a Chromebook, you’re not getting all the bells and whistles you will with a more costly laptop.

Yet, you can do just about everything on a Chromebook that you would on a more expensive laptop. You’ll want to check each Chromebook’s specs, though, to compare one to another.

If you’re thinking about picking up one of these inexpensive devices, here are a few to look into. These Chromebooks are available for under $200.

HP Chromebook 11

This Chromebook 11 is affordable but still packs a punch. It has an 11.6″ HD anti-glare LED display. It’s also got 4GB RAM and uses a 16 GB Flash Memory SSD, includes two USB 3.0 ports and weighs in at only 2.4 pounds.

Lenovo N22 Chromebook

This Chromebook includes an 11.6″ LED HD display and offers 4GB memory, two USB 3.0 ports and weighs only 2.6 pounds.

Acer Chromebook 11

This Chromebook has an 11.6″ HD display, Intel Celeron N3350, 4GB memory and 32GB internal storage. It promises up to 12 hours of battery life, includes four USB 3.0 ports and weighs 2.78 pounds.

Now that you know you can get a powerful, affordable Chromebook to meet your financial security needs, it’s time to get shopping!

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