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Incredibly fast way to find any file

As the Windows operating system improves and advances its search features with additions like Cortana, some people still find it slow and clunky.

Sometimes there are so many files, photos and screenshots saved on your drives that Windows, with all its indexing routines, just takes too much time to come up with the search results.

We have the perfect solution. MasterSeeker is a Windows search companion that’s simple and blazingly fast. Its claim to fame is its “revolutionary standard in searching files in a PC,” with a search technique that is pretty quick with the results.

And it’s real easy to use. Just type any search term, optionally specify a directory or a file size and it instantly comes up with results with virtually no indexing or buffering. It’s really that fast!

We’re not sure how MasterSeeker does it (it’s probably how it pre-caches the searches) but its speed is really impressive. It’s a huge time-saver!

Download instructions

Get MasterSeeker now by clicking the link below. This takes you straight to its download page. It works in all Windows systems, including Windows 7, Vista, and Windows 10.

Try this site. It’s great stuff!

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