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Everyday tech you never knew you needed

For every gadget problem, there is always a gadget solution. Is it a tangled cord problem? A bulky adapter issue? Is it your ancient landline phone or does a corner in your home need a bit of light? We take these little tech annoyances for granted and just live with them.

But it shouldn’t be that way forever. Thankfully, all we need is that little thingamajig to make our tech life even better. The Komando Shop is full of gadgets, electronics, and accessories that do just that! Everyday tech gadgets that you never knew you would ever need.

From a chameleon cord to a portable light, these everyday tech gadgets are simple but they solve some of the most annoying tech problems we face each day.

The only portable cord you’ll ever need

If you are like most people, you juggle multiple mobile gadgets every day. Smartphones, tablets, e-readers, Bluetooth headphones – one gadget is not nearly enough.

Owning multiple gadgets comes with a caveat – they all use different chargers! There’s Lightning for iOS gadgets, Micro USB for Android gadgets and USB-C for others. Carrying all those cords is a tangled pain, to say the least.

That’s why this exclusive Komando Shop charging cord is a must-have!

The Komando Trio Charger comes with Micro USB, USB-C and Lightning plugs so you can charge any phone. This is the only cord you need to have in your house or your car because it can charge any phone. Its compact design does away with the mess of long tangled cords. The charging source is a USB adapter, which you can use any USB power plug to connect it to a wall outlet or car charger.


  • Only 4 small cords with a loop
  • USB C, Micro USB, Lightning and USB adapters
  • Charge more than one device at a time
  • Can be used with Android or iPhones
  • Includes cord only

Click here to check out the Trio Charger in the Komando Shop now.

Keeps Bulky Adapters from Blocking Outlets


Speaking of multiple gadgets, don’t you just hate it when they come with bulky power bricks? They hog too much space on your wall outlets and can be especially frustrating when you’re using a power strip. That adapter just won’t fit!

To solve this real estate problem, you will need this clever extension!

Use the Quirky Power Plug to extend hard-to-reach outlets in tight spaces. This 8-inch cord is something you have always needed but didn’t know it yet. It allows you to plug those big boxy power cords into it without taking up several spaces on a surge protector. Or use it in tight spaces to be able to reach the outlet. It plugs into itself for convenient and safe storage.


  • Flat angled plug for fitting in tight spaces
  • Plugs into itself for easy storage
  • 8 inches of line

Don’t let a crowded power strip get you down.

Click here to get the Quirky Power Plug from the Komando Shop now.

A wireless home phone you can rely on

In this age of mobile phones, a landline phone is still a very useful communication tool, especially during emergencies.

And having a landline phone doesn’t mean you can’t have lots of features and a cool phone!

This wireless home phone by VTech has it all. See who’s calling with Caller ID on a backlit display then answer the phone with any key. It has mute, adjustable ringer and call volume and is hearing aid compatible. It can store up to 50 numbers for you and you can redial up to 10 numbers.

Use as many of these features as you wish at your own pace. Just plug the phone into the wall to start using it and add the features as you go.


  • Caller ID
  • Call waiting
  • ECO mode
  • Quiet Mode
  • Connect up to 5 handsets
  • DECT 6.0 digital technology
  • 50 name/number phonebook
  • Voicemail waiting indicator
  • Speakerphone
  • Backlit display and keys
  • Trilingual prompts
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Last 10 number redial
  • Mute
  • Any key answer
  • Volume control
  • Wall-mount bracket included

Take your landline phone to the next level. Check out the VTech Home Phone in the Komando Shop.

Mini LED Lantern


Ever wished you had a light you can bring wherever you might need it? Then this LED Mini Lantern has all the makings of your assistant!

It’s right there to give you the perfect extra light indoors and out. Use it to read on the patio, take it camping, hang it in the garage for some more light on the projects. It’s best feature? It floats so throw it in the pool or take it on a night time swim. With 4 light modes it’s as fun as it is functional.


  • 1 watt – Lumen Tech™ LEDs
  • Waterproof- IP level 6
  • 4 light modes: low, medium, high and rapid blinking
  • 2 lighting options: dome light with center focal array or lantern light with side array
  • Velcro strap and hooks allow for hands free secure placement
  • It floats

Click here to check out the perfect Mini Lantern at the Komando Shop!

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