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Essential gadgets to make air travel better

You have no shame if you’re a frequent traveler. If you’ve suffered the hassle of being squished in between two hulking men in a chair best suited for a small child, you know what we mean.

If you’ve been stuck in airports, if the airlines have lost your luggage, if you’ve arrived at a hotel that looks nothing like it did online, you know what we mean. If you’ve disembarked with a pain in your neck or arrived at a business meeting half asleep, or if your smartphone battery died in a strange city, you’ve reached this point.

You’ll go to extremes to be comfortable, safe and connected. You’ll wrap your neck with a goofy-looking pillow so you can be slightly more comfortable on the plane. You’ll show up with blankets, pillows and bags of food, all in an effort to make air travel less annoying.

Vacations are great, right? But airports and airplanes are such a big hassle that you might just stay home next time you have a few days off.

Don’t do that. Check out these incredible gadgets that will make your next vacation so much better!

Ostrich Pillow Loop

If you’re a frequent traveler, you’ve given up trying to be dignified in catching a few ZZZs. It’s nearly impossible with the plane’s bright lights, flight attendants flicking lights on and off and the bright screens of your aisle-mate’s laptop.

You’ll do what you need to do to fall asleep. You might try a blowup pillow or a sleeping mask.

But would you wear this odd-looking gadget? It’s called the Ostrich Pillow Loop and it’s designed to blackout the bright lights around you.

It’s not available yet. But if you pledge money on Kickstarter, you can be first in line to get one.

Ostrich Pillow Loop, starting at $20 on Kickstarter

Luggage Tray with Battery Pack

What makes you nervous about traveling? If you’re like a lot of airline passengers, one thing is having your smartphone or laptop run out of juice.

After all, you’ve saved details about your trip on there, including confirmation numbers and directions to hotels. Your itinerary is on there and so are phone numbers of friends and hotels at your destination.

You don’t have to worry about that with the Luggage Tray with Battery Pack. It’s a portable battery charger and tray, so you can comfortably view your smartphone, tablet or laptop on top of your carry-on luggage.

Luggage Tray with Battery Pack, $59.95 in the Komando Shop

Rapid External Charger

Speaking of dead batteries, you never need to get stuck with a smartphone, tablet or laptop that won’t turn on. This sleek, rapid charger weighs just 5 ounces.

Yet it can recharge just about any USB-connected device, whether it’s your smartphone or laptop computer. It uses lithium-ion rechargable batteries, so you can power it back up when you’re in the airport or your hotel.

Rapid External Charger, $24.99 in Komando Shop

Re-Timer Glasses

You know that one of the worst parts about traveling overseas is jet lag. It’s that uncomfortable feeling where your body is exhausted but your mind is awake or vice versa.

It’s due to suddenly changing time zones. That’s where Re-Timer glasses come in.

You wear these light-therapy glasses for three days before your trip, each time for 60 minutes. The blue-green light can help you adjust to the time zone you’re traveling to.

Re-Timer Glasses, $199 on Amazon

Anti-Theft Backpack

What is the most important thing when your family or you travel? No, it’s not having a blast.

That’s important, of course. But your family’s safety and your safety is your No. 1 priority.

That’s why the Anti-Theft Backpack is a must-have for your next airline trip. It’s a sturdy, everyday backpack with a lot of extras.

For instance, its front panel locks, so thieves aren’t going to slip anything out while you’re not looking. Its panels include slash-resistant materials and RFID technology, which prevents hackers from remotely tapping into your gadgets to steal your ID and credit card numbers.

Anti-Theft Backpack, $45.95 in Komando Shop

Airport Jacket

Do you hate paying fees for your luggage? We all do, yet we collectively hand over billions of dollars each year to airlines to store our bags.

Forget that. If you don’t mind a bit of discomfort and being weighed down, you can get the Airport Jacket.

In short, you’ll wear your luggage, rather than check it. The Airport Jacket has 14 pockets, some big enough to pack shoes, clothes and electronic gadgets.

At least that’s the idea behind this Kickstarter campaign. Its first round of funding wasn’t successful, so we’ll keep you posted if they begin raising funds again.

Airport Jacket, starting at roughly $185 on Kickstarter

Memory Foam and Gel Cushion

This portable cushion with a convenient handle can make the difference between a refreshing in-flight nap and a vacation-ruining backache. You carry it onto the plane for a comfortable trip.

It’s made of memory foam and includes cooling gel. So, you won’t just be comfy, you’ll feel revitalized.

Memory Foam and Gel Cushion, $32.95 in the Komando Shop

Bonus: For more travel-related gadgets visit the Komando Shop for the best deals.

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