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Super easy way to report potholes, downed trees and other nuisances

Navigating through traffic with bad drivers can be stressful enough. Tap or click here for three map apps that are better than Google if you have multiple stops.

But you don’t need the added frustration of dodging potholes and downed trees. While there isn’t much you can do about other drivers’ skills, you can report potholes.

If you have reported potholes or obstacles in the road in the past, you will know that it can be a rather tedious process. Luckily you can have a lawyer to help you out. Even cooler, it’s robotic.

Here’s the backstory

Speaking of reporting potholes and fallen trees, do you even know where to report such things? If you don’t, help is available. The company DoNotPay has made that task a bit easier by employing a full range of automation.

Already capable of disputing parking tickets and subscription fees, reporting things like potholes have been added to the company’s “robot lawyer.” Founder Joshua Browder started it after struggling to find all the necessary information to fight his own parking tickets.

When you visit the website, you can choose to report something or make a compensation claim. To report an incident under the City Repairs tab, you need to supply some information.

How this helps you

Once you have described the pothole, downed tree or broken traffic light, DoNotPay will tell you how to go about reporting it. On the right side of the page is the “Solve my issue” button, and this is where the magic begins.

The company’s “robot lawyer” (a chatbot) takes all the information you supply and sends it to the right government agency, along with your contact details. And that’s it. But DoNotPay can also take it one step further.

If you suffered an injury due to city infrastructure not being repaired or removed, you could also use the robot lawyer to file a small claims compensation report. The online lawyer will tell you the small claims court process and generate all the necessary documents in the same fashion as reporting a nuisance.

Other services and complaints that the website can help you with include:

  • Chargebacks and refunds
  • Child travel consent forms
  • Copyright protection
  • Creating a power of attorney
  • Fighting text spam or email
  • Insurance claims
  • Late delivery refunds
  • Robocall compensation

The service costs $36 for three months and is available in 50 of the biggest cities in the U.S.

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