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How to download YouTube videos to your iPhone

If you’re browsing YouTube and come across a video you love, you can do much more than just add it to your favorite videos or a special playlist. You can actually save the ones you plan on watching over and over, eliminating the need to use up data on your phone plan or on your home wireless network.

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It’s extremely simple to do, and it’ll save you time and potentially money, especially if you want to watch this video an excessive amount of times in the future. All you need is your iPhone and a computer to do it.

While you can watch videos via the free YouTube app you can download from the App Store, you can’t save them using said app, so you’ll need a workaround to do so. Here are some simple steps you can follow so you can add your favorite clips to your phone and begin viewing them anywhere, no data required!

Find the right software

Important note: Make sure that you are not violating anyone’s copyrights by downloading videos, as that would be breaking the law. However, videos that fall into the Public Domain, Creative Commons and CopyLeft are fair game for downloading although you could be violating YouTube’s Terms of Service.

First, you should choose the best software you can find online to download the YouTube video. There are various paid and free apps, each with their own limitations and features. KeepVid is a web-based downloading tool that works perfectly for this purpose, and it’s free. If you prefer to use a paid tool, you can choose something like Replay Media Catcher, which retails for $29.95 and is available for Windows and Mac.

Both are viable options, though KeepVid does have some limitations. There are further options to use as well, such as Zamzar (via web browser) and ClipGrab, free software for Windows, Mac and Linux. If you use the URL option and download in your browser, you can do this straight from your iPhone.

Once you’ve downloaded the software, go to YouTube in your favorite browser and open up your favorite video. Make sure you copy and paste the clip’s URL and paste it into the download tool, wherever the input may be.

If you’ve opted for KeepVid, enter the URL into the website’s URL area and choose the MP4 video format when saving. If there’s an option labeled for iPhone or iPod, you can opt for that instead – it’ll be the same thing.

Your video will then be saved to the computer. If you downloaded the video on your iPhone, it will be in your Files. If you downloaded it on your computer, you’ll want to open up iTunes, find your video file, and drag the video over into iTunes to add it to your iTunes video library.

Next, you’ll want to sync your iPhone with your computer using a Lightning cable. Make sure the checkbox next to the video you’ve added to iTunes in the Movies tab is checked, and click the Sync button to start the process. You’ll then have the video added to your phone. You should be able to load it up from your phone’s Video section, usually found in Photos.

It’s that simple – now you can watch your video whenever you want, and you don’t have to worry about using web data or needing an internet connection.

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