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Don’t rely on your pup for home security! This company has you and Fido protected

Presented by SimpliSafe

Presented by SimpliSafe

For a limited time, save 20% on your SimpliSafe security system, and get your first month free when you sign up for Interactive Monitoring.

If you have a pet, you know they can be one of the best things in your life. They offer companionship, unconditional love, and joy, and can add some humor to your days as well. For a limited time, go to and get a special holiday offer just for you!

But sometimes all that friendliness and love can have its downsides — namely, when you own a dog, and you’re looking for some security in your home. What if your fantastic furry friend greets strangers like long-lost friends, instead of warning them off by barking or growling? It’s great to have their happy responses when you have friends coming over, but what about a potential burglar?

Worry no more about your convivial creature. Our sponsor SimpliSafe has a security system that’s easy to install and will keep you, and your pet, safe and protected. As a listener of The Kim Komando show, you’ll also get free shipping and free returns when you buy the system!

Need a little more convincing before you make the purchase? Check out all of the benefits of SimpliSafe, for you and your pet.

Motion sensors detect people, not pets

The SimpliSafe security system works via the placement of cameras and motion sensors throughout your home. When a person walks through, and the system is armed, the motion sensors go off.

But no need to worry that the system will go off every time your dog walks through a room. The sensors are specially designed and precision-engineered to detect the unique heat signatures of humans and ignore those of pets. So you can leave your home knowing you have an effective system that will protect your things, but also your pet if anyone breaks in.

Alarms compensate for quiet canines

Does your dog rarely bark, at strangers or otherwise? The SimpliSafe security system will fully compensate for that. When the sensors are triggered, and the SimpliSafe system is armed, a loud siren sounds that you can set at 85db or 105db, depending on your preferences.

Alarms like this tend to send burglars running, as with the alarm, the system alerts you by calling, and if you are unresponsive, or if the keypad to your system is damaged to make it stop, the police are automatically called to the scene.

And if you’re at home during a break-in, and don’t want to alert the intruders to your presence, you can hit the panic button on your system, which will set off the alarms for you, and call the police. So your four-legged friend can stay quiet; the system will be vocal for them.

Check in on your home from anywhere

It’d be great if you could call home and talk to your dog about how things are going, or if they could tell you about the day when you get home. Alas, that isn’t really an option, but you can check out the status of the SimpliSafe security system anywhere, at any time, via your phone.

You can have SimpliSafe automatically report on activity in your home, and customize text messages and push notifications to get periodic updates. SimpliSafe also comes with outdoor cameras that stream in 720p HD video, which only activate and record when the system detects activity, allowing you to look over footage later, and have evidence of any break-ins, people skulking around your yard, or even pet escapes.

Being able to get information on the go, not just in the middle of an emergency, gives you peace of mind while you go about your day, and means your pooch doesn’t have to worry about getting English lessons just yet to boot.

Emergency detection for you and your furry friends

The SimpliSafe system not only detects break-ins, but it also acts as a smoke and fire alarm and can detect deadly gas leaks. This is incredibly helpful as if you’re not home during one of these emergencies, but your pet is, help can reach them faster.

Additionally, the SimpliSafe security system can sense freezing and flood issues, alerting you about them before they become huge problems, which keeps you, and your dog, safe (and less wet). On top of all of that, the system can let you know when there’s a power outage in your neighborhood. But don’t worry about the system shutting down right after telling you that — SimpliSafe has a battery back up and can continue to protect your home, and your precious pooch, in the dark. No need to worry about emergency situations popping up when you’re not around anymore, SimpliSafe has your, and your pets’, back!

Easy, wireless setup

Some people might hesitate from getting a security system because the setup is annoying, as you have to make sure you can be home to meet the person setting it up, and that your super-friendly pet won’t disrupt the process.

Additionally, many home security systems involve a lot of wires, some of which will be out and about, and accessible to your curious four-legged friend. None of this is a problem with SimpliSafe. SimpliSafe’s security system is entirely wireless, so the set up is easy, and there’s nothing for Fido to chew on.

With it being a wireless system, it can fit any size home you might have (short of having a house the size of a football field), and 97 percent of customers choose to set it up themselves, it requires that little effort. However, if you want an expert, they’re available to come to help you out — and they’re all dog-friendly as well!

Get SimpliSafe for your home

Give yourself or someone special the gift of security. Go to and check out the exclusive holiday offer they have for my readers!

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