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Cutting the Cord: Streaming services compared

You’ve probably heard us discuss “cutting the cord” at some point. This has become an extremely popular trend to eliminate the skyrocketing costs of cable and satellite.

The reality is, with so many great streaming services available, it’s difficult to justify paying up to $200 per month to watch television. These services offer a less expensive way to watch TV and you can save hundreds of dollars each year.

Some who have yet to cut the cord are afraid they won’t be able to watch live sports or receive their favorite channels anymore. That’s simply not true.

When you add an HD antenna to your system, you can pick up local channels, and much more, for FREE! This is great for sports fans, as many live sporting events are carried on local channels.

With an HD antenna, you can pick up over-the-air (OTA) broadcast channels such as ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CW, PBS, ION and many others. Many of the most popular television shows, along with sporting events and local news, are broadcast on OTA television in High Definition. FOR FREE!

But which HD antenna should you get? Here is a great outdoor antenna option.

Outdoor HDTV Antenna with Multidirectional Range

The HDTV attic-outdoor antenna offers a completely new take on a traditionally mounted system.

With its sleek, minimalistic design, the multi-directional antenna can bring high-quality programming to your TV without having to deal with a bulky, unsightly antenna that is difficult to install. Reduce clutter, save money, and get high-quality HD TV with the amplified outdoor antenna.

This Powerful Antenna Features:

  • A 60-mile range
  • Antenna mounting kit
  • 30-foot, high-performance cable
  • Dual powering options: USB or power cube
  • CleanPeak™ filter technology that provides low noise, state-of-the-art amplification
  • Does not have to be pointed

The antenna is a powerful, amplified solution that was developed from research for the United States military. While it may seem similar to other basic and amplified HDTV systems, the attic-outdoor antenna is even better because of its multi-directional feature; it does not have to be constantly readjusted for optimal signal strength.

This advanced system provides uncompressed HD broadcast to multiple televisions in a home with a range of 60 miles! You no longer have to settle for a large, bulky, or more expensive rooftop-mounted antenna.

Click here to purchase the Outdoor HDTV Antenna with Multi-directional Range from Kim’s Shop.

Indoor antennas


This indoor HD antenna from Vichannel is light as paper, which allows you to place it anywhere. Hide it behind a picture, bookshelf or a television.

It boasts fast and easy installation and provides a 60-mile range with amplified power. This antenna also comes with a high gain and low noise signal booster. It’s on sale for under $26 on Amazon with free shipping.


This Coolmade indoor HDTV antenna with a detachable amplifier is perfect for cord cutters.

This antenna has a 50-plus mile range. It comes with a 9.8-foot cable, giving you the flexibility to place it in the optimal location with the best signal reception.

Keep reading and we’ll take a look at the most popular streaming services available. I’ll include a chart showing you which channels are available for each service.

Now that you know how to watch live TV for free, you’re probably wondering how to add more channels to your system. Other networks that focus on original programming, movies and sports like ESPN, AMC, TNT and NFL Network are available through certain packages from streaming services.

If you have a smartTV, you already have access to multiple streaming services. Without a smartTV you’ll need to connect a gadget to your television.

There are two types of streaming gadgets: set-top boxes and HDMI sticks. HDMI sticks are the size of USB drives and plug right into your TV’s HDMI port. That means less clutter in your entertainment center and they’re also a little less expensive Click here to see a chart comparing popular streaming sticks.

Streaming media player boxes are larger and a little more expensive. However, they tend to be more powerful. Click here to see a chart comparing popular streaming boxes.

OK, you’ve selected a streaming media box or stick, now which streaming service has the channels that you want? Some of the most popular streaming services that offer live TV are Hulu, YouTube TV, Sling TV, DirecTV Now, and PlayStation Vue.

We’ve created a chart listing top channels and which streaming services they are available on. Here is a short preview of the chart:

That’s just a portion of the listings. Click here to see the rest of the list with nearly 170 top channels and which streaming services they’re available on.

We’ve given you the necessary information to make an educated choice on cutting the cord. Now’s the time to start saving.

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