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Tech tip: All the ways to do a Ctrl+Alt+Del on a Mac

PC or Mac? Wars have been started for lesser arguments than this. The thing is that the line between the two systems has been blurring for some time. You can run Windows on a Mac and install iTunes on your PC.

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The fact is there are more PC users out there when compared to Mac users. This is why just about everyone knows about the Ctrl/Alt/Del command, which comes from the PC. It brings up the task manager, from which you can kill an application or reboot the computer. Did you know that you can perform a similar task on a Mac? We’ll show you a few ways it can be done.


Pressing Cmd/Option/Esc on your Mac opens the Force Quit window, from which you can select the app you want to close. This can be useful when using a full-screen program, and your keyboard and mouse are unresponsive.

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Apple logo

You can kill an app by clicking the Apple logo at the top-left corner of your screen and then selecting Force Quit. Locate the offending app and click the Force Quit button.

Activity Monitor

The Activity Monitor is the Mac equivalent of Windows Task Manager. Here you can see stats, like which apps use the most memory, CPU status, energy usage, network status and more.

You can open the Activity Monitor by using Command+Space to open Spotlight search and typing activity monitor. You can also open the Applications folder in Finder, then double-click the Utilities folder, then double-click Activity Monitor.

To close an application, select it from the list and click the X button at the top-left corner, then click Quit. If it’s still misbehaving, select Force Quit.

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