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A simple way to share photos and videos with loved ones

Presented by IDrive

Presented by IDrive

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It’s easy to take for granted all of the photos we take now that nearly everyone has a digital camera built into their smartphone.

As a caller once told Kim, “My daughter turned 21 and we threw a big birthday party at our house with about 20 people. My husband, son and I each took pictures on our phones and the problem with that is unless we pass our phones around to each other, we don’t get to see all the great pictures that were taken.”

Whether you want to share new photos or reflect on some good times, here’s a great way to do it.

Welcome to a better way

With my sponsor IDrive, you can avoid that problem because your pictures and videos are automatically backed up from multiple devices and sorted into descending order when you use the Timeline feature.

Whether you and your guests use Apple products running on iOS such as iPad or iPhone, Android phones or tablets — or a mix—everyone can back up their images in the cloud.

And now you can get 5 TB of cloud backup for less than $8 for your first year! You really can’t beat that. Tap or click here to sign up now.

There is no limit on how many devices can contribute images to a single account. Everyone with access will be able to swap pictures with the rest of the family (or your circle of friends and co-workers) and create a secure backup of priceless memories.

IDrive allows multiple admins to manage an account.
For get-togethers where participants upload images to social media, IDrive offers a simple way to back up photos from multiple Facebook or Instagram accounts to create a single repository for the event.

It works like this: You can start a file or folder and share it with other IDrive users. Recipients must have an IDrive account to access the shared files. You control the permissions as admin, and then you’ll let other folks contribute and edit photos and folders.

Managing shared files is easy. Just log in to your account and click “Shared by Me” or “Shared with Me” to manage all the files you’ve shared and all the files that have been shared with you.

For those who prefer to have images backed up in the background, IDrive offers a downloadable app for Linux/Unix servers. While it is easily scriptable and customizable, it is a more advanced level of online backup, available for recovery when needed.

You’re always in charge

Although multiple users can access a single account, you still have lots of control regarding privacy. The primary administrator can establish storage parameters and maintain privacy settings to keep everything safe and organized.

A single dashboard makes it possible to manage without any cloud server experience, keeping it easy for everyone to use.

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