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How to create custom QR codes.
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Tech how-to: Create your own custom QR codes

When you entered a restaurant years ago, you received a paper or laminated menu, and that was that. Since then, many establishments have adopted QR code menus. Scan the code and view the menu. This concept has moved to retail establishments and service providers like doctors, mechanics and universities.

But you must be careful about scanning random QR codes. That’s because they could be malicious and lead you to a site that installs malware onto your device. Tap or click here to see how hackers use QR codes to rip people off.

With QR codes becoming so handy, wouldn’t it be helpful to generate them yourself? Well, now you can. Creating QR codes is easier than you think. Keep reading to find out how to make your own in seconds.

Why you’d want to create a QR code

QR codes have many handy uses that you may not have thought about. One clever use is to give others access to your home Wi-Fi. Passwords are our most critical form of security against hackers and those who want to use our information for nefarious purposes.

When someone logs on to your home network, you need to give them your password unless you keep it open, which you should never do! Tap or click here for ways to keep your home Wi-Fi secure.

Even if they don’t plan to use your password to steal your information, they could be careless with the password or their phone, leaving it susceptible to hackers. Each time you give out your password, you are at risk.

The easiest remedy is to create a QR code so your friends and family can scan it and instantly be connected to your home Wi-Fi. This means you never have to give out your password again.

So what else can you use a QR code for?

Suppose you have an upcoming event like a baby shower, wedding, or birthday party. In that case, you can use a QR code for RSVPs, addresses, directions, and various information to give to guests. You can also generate QR codes to link people to your social media or messaging apps instead of manually inputting data.

The benefits of QR codes are endless to your imagination, and it’s worth exploring all the uses.

How to create your own QR code

Many different websites generate QR codes, but we’ll focus on QRCode monkey. You can find many other legitimate options out there, all with similar instructions to create a code.

Here’s how to create a QR code with QRCode monkey:

  • Use your web browser to go to
  • Click Enter Content and enter the URL that your QR code will link to.
  • You can choose to set colors, logo image, and designs, or leave them blank.
  • Click Create QR Code.
  • Click Download.

Watch the following video for a quick tutorial on using QRCode monkey.

If you prefer to use another website, you can try the following legitimate QR code generators online:

A word of caution

As we mentioned earlier, just because QR codes are handy doesn’t mean they are entirely safe. Generating QR codes has many uses, but you should always think twice before scanning random codes.

Hackers also love to use QR codes to bait and scam unsuspecting consumers to steal their personal information and gain access to their equipment. Tap or click here for details on a warning from the FBI on QR codes.

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