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Handy site generates color palettes for websites, room redesigns and more

Where can you turn when you’re short on time and need to spruce something up? Presentations, graphic design projects, web and app development. These different media genuinely need the right color palette to come alive. Tap or click to learn to use a popular graphic design tool.

Now, there’s an incredible new way to browse designer-inspired color palettes that can be applied to several different things, including your DIY projects. The right colors can tie a room, a page, or even your outfit for the day together in the best way possible.

Keep reading for a simple way to find the perfect palette fast. It’s basically like Canva for colors.

How to use Coolors to find a color palette

To begin, visit the Coolors website. You can explore existing palettes, generate one using their algorithms, or make one from scratch.

Here’s how to generate a palette:

  1. On the Coolors homepage, hit the Start the generator! button.
  2. Use the spacebar to generate a completely random palette.
  3. Select the colors you like by clicking on them.
  4. Continue until all the spaces are filled.

To begin with sliders or a hex code, you must click on the color’s moniker at the bottom of its tile. You can add or remove colors from the collection using the plus + icon between cells or the X icon visible while hovering over any existing shade.

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It can also be helpful to load a photo, which allows the site to grab prominent tones from the image. Any palette can then be further adjusted for brightness or saturation. Once you’re done, all that’s left to do is export it using the option in the toolbar.

To be fair, glancing at Coolor’s premade palettes can be an adventure. But it is the perfect place to get inspired for your next project or even relax with some visual ASMR. 

Trending palettes, themed palettes, and simple reference palettes all have their place here. The only question that remains is which one will you choose?

Level up your next creative project

If you love mood boards and other interactive ways to get your gears turning, this tool is most certainly one to bookmark. Logos, paper crafts, and home improvement projects can benefit enormously when using the right color palette.

Each color gets a cool custom name. Black Shadows? Russian Violet? Cadet Grey, Onyx, Steel Teal and more all await. Hit the spacebar and see for yourself.

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