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Need to see if an account name is taken? Wonder no more!

With so many people and so few interesting usernames available, chances are that cool username you’re looking for to add a splash of personality to an otherwise boring account is already taken. Luckily, we’ve found a tool that can check username availability for tons of sites!

Looking for more useful sites? Tap or click here for 28 useful sites you’ll want to bookmark right now. might not sound like much considering the inauspicious title, but checking username availability across a wide range of sites and services is actually an awesomely useful feature. Read on to find out everything you need to know about Namechk and how to get started checking username availability in minutes!

What is

If it wasn’t clear, Namechk is short for name check, or username check, and this is exactly the service the site provides: with just a few clicks you can see what sites have your dream username available.

While the site’s visual design leaves something to be desired, especially considering the giant advertisement center screen that draws the eye, using the site is remarkably simple. At the top of the site, type in the username you’d like to search and either press the Enter key or click the search button.

Below, a grid of rectangles under Usernames with the names of sites on them will change colors according to username availability:

  • Green means the username is available.
  • Purple means the username is unavailable.
  • Yellow means the username is invalid.
  • Red means an error has occurred.

A red block is an error, but it’s important to note the error may not be on Namechk’s side and could be on the side of the actual service in question.

There are a large number of sites to check out user availability for, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. So chances are if it’s an uber-popular site you’ll be able to check out usernames for it on Namechk. If you’re looking to add your site to Namechk’s list, there’s an option to register for that, too.

This kind of service isn’t just useful to the casual consumer looking to see if their desired username is available. If you’re looking to promote a brand, this is a quick way to see what usernames will be open across a variety of sites to make sure you can have the ideal name for your brand across different accounts.

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