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Windows 10 security: Simple way to block malware and bad apps

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Presented by Solve iQ - Goodbye, frustrations. Hello, possible.

Presented by Solve iQ - Goodbye, frustrations. Hello, possible.

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Sometimes, it’s hard to tell if your computer is hiding a virus. Trojans will lurk in the background, while malware will steal your secrets before you even notice them. That’s because many malicious programs are designed to evade detection from even the best antivirus software.

Your Windows computer could be one of the millions of PCs worldwide found to be infected with malware. We’ve got details on this massive infection and how to protect your device. Tap or click here for signs your machine is infected with malware.

If you want to cut down on harmful programs, we’ve got a simple trick for you. Instead of constantly searching your computer for malware, you can have experts do the heavy lifting for you. For just $10 a month, Solve iQ will work 24/7 to keep your computer safe. Here’s how it works.

It can even speed up your computer

Solve iQ protects you whenever you’re online. By now, you’re probably well aware that Big Tech companies like Amazon and Google track you from site to site to sell ads based on your activity.

But many malicious actors will also try to follow your steps. One of the most common ways they get you is through unsafe URLs. If you tap on a dangerous link, you’ve put your computer at risk.

With Solve iQ, though, you’re no longer easy pickings — its software recognizes unsafe URLs and blocks them. In fact, it blocks 127,000 unsafe URLs a month. Just think of how many computers it saves by kicking away those bad sites.

There are tons of other dangerous sites – Solve iQ blocks them all

When you’re surfing online, it’s hard to spot the constant threats. From malicious sites that poison your PC to intrusive data collection sites, there are many sharks in the water. It’s tough to tell when you’re on a phishing site, especially because many scammers specifically design copycat websites.

For instance, some criminals will buy URLs that are just one letter off a legitimate site, like “Wellsfarog” instead of “Wellsfargo.” Since people don’t often double-check the URLs, it’s easy to fall for this scam. You enter your username and password, thinking you’ll enter your real bank account — but in reality, you just handed away the keys to your kingdom.

Solve iQ blocks all of these nasty sites. Plus, it boots out around 20 domains per user per month. In other words, you’re getting specific security that works in real-time to protect your PC.

Think of Solve iQ as your own personal knight holding up an iron shield. Cybercriminals are always launching rocks and arrows at you, trying to weaken your computer — but this program always has your back.

Solve iQ fights against deceptive apps

Solve iQ offers protection against fraudulent computer apps. Solve iQ blocks over 25,000 deceptive apps and protects over 15,000 users every month.

If you want to protect your computer, sign up for Solve iQ now. For just $9.99 a month, you can download this incredible program to experience a range of time-saving features and so much more. Similar services cost over $300 a year, so this is a deal you don’t want to miss out on.

Plus, you get access to a highly-trained team of helpful techies who can talk you through any of your issues. When you’ve got an issue with any of your gadgets, give them a call. It’s the next best thing to having Kim come over to your house! App background

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