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Have trouble keeping track of birthdays? Use this handy tool

Are you fed up with the lack of privacy and finally moved on from Facebook? If that’s the case, there still might be one thing you need from the site — It’s still a great way to keep track of all the birthdays in your social circle.

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If you’re only on Facebook for birthday reminders, we have good news. There is a new browser extension that can keep track of that important information for you.

What is the Birthday Calendar Extractor for Facebook?

The Birthday Calendar Extractor for Facebook is a Google Chrome browser extension. This simple extension adds a button to your browser which allows you to extract and save birthday information from Facebook to either a calendar or Microsoft Excel file.

Once your information has been extracted it will be downloaded automatically, which you can then use to import into the calendar program of choice. In short, this extension takes all the birthday information stored on Facebook and gives it back to you to do whatever you want with it.

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How to use Birthday Calendar Extractor for Facebook browser extension

First off, simply install the browser extension with a single click by following the link above. Once the extension is installed, a ‘Cake’ icon will appear at the top-right of your Chrome browser, next to your Google profile picture. Clicking on this new icon will open up the extension and give you three primary options:

  • Generate Google Calendar (ICS)
  • Generate Microsoft Excel file (CSV)
  • Remove from Google Calendar

Generating a Google Calendar means the extension is creating an ICS file, which can be opened by Google Calendar as well as Microsoft Outlook and Apple Calendar. This is a universal calendar file format.

Removing from Google Calendar will go back and remove any added entries to your Google Calendar from the ICS file previously generated. Once you have your file downloaded, simply open it up with your program of choice and keep track of your birthday data conveniently from Facebook.

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