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Boost your Wi-Fi with this simple trick that won’t break the bank

Your home Wi-Fi might be acting up lately. This can be due to bandwidth issues since everyone is staying home and connecting all their smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers and more. It can also be due to your neighbors pushing the internet company to the limit.

When you’re having internet woes, try a few simple tricks. You never know, it might be a quick and easy fix. Tap or click here for 10 ways to fix a slow Wi-Fi network.

But what if the issue isn’t something you can fix so easily? It might be time to boost your signal strength with a mesh network or Wi-Fi extender. Not sure what these are or how to choose the right one? We’ll help you out. Let’s start by figuring out what you need.

What happened to my signal?

Regardless of the type of internet service you have — DSL, Cable, Satellite or fiber optic — your home network can be influenced.

Factors include:

  • The distance of your home from your service provider’s nearest internet tower.
  • Number of connected devices.
  • The distance your device is from the router.
  • Concrete, masonry or thick timber walls or metal objects that cause interference.
  • Connecting Wi-Fi and Blutooth devices to the wrong frequency channel.
  • Out of date router and network drivers. Tap or click here to update your router.

Once you’ve checked the above factors, it’s time to see if there’s something going on with your provider.

To ensure you’re getting the internet speeds you’re paying for, tap or click here to test your Wi-Fi speed. Start in the same room your router is in, then test in different rooms throughout your home.

Does the speed test show that when you’re near your router, everything is working perfectly? If so, then it’s not an issue with your provider. But If you noticed a few areas where the internet got a little spotty, you should look into a Wi-Fi extender. And if there are dead spots in your home, it’s time for a mesh network.

Easy Wi-Fi solutions

Mesh networks

Mesh networks are like a series of mini routers that work together to bring you fast, secure and stable internet connections. With each little router, often called a node, that you install, the stronger your little “mesh” connection will be.

Here are a few to choose from:

eero mesh router system

Expand your coverage with an eero mesh router system. You can manage it from the eero app and it comes with three nodes that work together to cover up to 5,000 square feet. It can support speeds up to 350 Mbps.

Not sure how to install the nodes? “Node” problem! Setup takes less than 10 minutes and the eero app walks you through every step of the process.

TP-Link Deco Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System

The TP-Link whole home mesh Wi-Fi system can cover homes up to 5,500 square feet and is simple to set up. Just plug it in and follow the instructions on the Deco app for Android or iOS. It offers 24/7 technical support and is compatible with Alexa.

Wi-Fi extenders

Wi-Fix extenders fill in the coverage gaps in your existing wireless network. These devices help improve wireless signal strength by taking signals from your router and repeating them in the section of your home where you place the booster.

TP-Link N300

Wi-Fi extenders can also help eliminate the effects of physical obstructions such as appliances or walls. We recommend trying one of Amazon’s best sellers: the TP-Link N300 Wi-Fi extender.

Getting started is quick and easy, just use the smart indicator light to plug it into the optimal outlet in your home. It can extend Wi-Fi coverage up to 8,000 square feet and is compatible with any router, gateway or access point.

Superboost Wi-Fi Extender

Another popular option is the Superboost Wi-Fi extender. It can extend coverage up to an additional 2,500 square feet and all you have to do is plug it into a power outlet. Press the WPS button to connect to your router and you’re done!

With a little help from these mesh systems and Wi-Fi extenders, you shouldn’t have any more problems with your connection. And if you want to learn more digital life hacks, tap or click here.

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