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Best tech gifts moms of any age will love

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, which means the time to shower the moms in your life with attention, affection and all sorts of love will be here soon. Many people will have already come up with elaborate plans and purchased amazing gifts to show how much they appreciate their mothers, which is great.

Of course, many have not. If your plan is to swing by the store and grab some flowers and a card the morning of May 13, good luck with that.

But if you want to really put a smile on Mom’s face, you should get her something she will really not only appreciate, but use, too. Since we here at want to help make the moms in your life happy, we have created this list of the best tech gifts mothers of any age will enjoy.

Keep that coffee warm in the car

You know Mom loves her coffee or tea on the way to work, or shuttling the kids around, but the worst thing about driving around with coffee is that it gets cold in the cupholder. But it doesn’t have to. The AutoCafe exists to make sure long commutes do not ruin that nice warm beverage. Now, Mom can go to work or run her errands without fear of a ruined drink.

You can buy the AutoCafe Cup Warmer in the Komando Shop for under $25.

Mom will love taking better photos

There’s nothing moms love more than taking pictures of their family and friends, and with cameras on their phones, it has never been easier to do. The only downside to phone cameras is that they don’t offer much in terms of zoom, which is why this clip-on lens set is something she will treasure. With macro, fisheye and wide-angle lenses, this 3-in-1 set can make sure Mom never misses a shot.

You can buy this Clip-on Lens Set from the Komando Shop for under $30

Mom took great pictures? Now let’s show them off!

Now that Mom took some great photos, she’ll for sure want to display them around the house. But we all know any old frame will not do. Enter these lovely 4 x 6 frames, which have a classic look with glass and offer three different themes, all for the ladies. You can choose to highlight daughters, grandmothers or mothers in a frame that will be a wonderful addition to any tabletop or shelf.

You can get this 4 x 6 frame on sale in the Komando Shop for under $8!

Mom will never worry about dropping her phone again

As often as we use our phones, you would think they would be easier to hold. However, as anyone who has taken a photo with one or played a game understands, they are not particularly comfortable. And let’s not get started on how easy they are to drop. They don’t have to be. Get Mom this Ring Grip and Stand and watch her appreciate newfound freedom in how she holds her phone. More mobility and control are great, as is the ability to use it to rest the phone on a table to watch videos on it.

You can get this stylish phone ring grip and stand in the Komando Shop for under $10

Now, Mom’s photos can go anywhere with her

Maybe nowadays all of Mom’s photos are on her phone and Facebook, but you know she has plenty that have maybe been passed on from generations that were printed up the old school way. Well, with this 3-in-1 digital photograph converter she can take all her older pictures and digitize them. Now she’ll be able to put them on her phone or online. And of course, she will not have to worry about them fading or otherwise getting ruined.

Buy the 3-in-1 Digital Photo Scanner from the Komando Shop for under $180 

Buy it now!

Let Mom listen to her music in style

What mom doesn’t enjoy listening to music? Whatever her taste, it very much has a way of soothing the soul. Normally, speakers are just kind of “there” and not something anyone puts much thought into, and it certainly is not a featured part of the room. But this 360 Sound Speaker that levitates will be exactly that. Not only will the entire room be filled with powerful, clear sound, but its levitating design will add a touch of cool wherever it is. The speaker is both portable and waterproof, and it has the ability to float.

Get this amazing 360° Sound Speaker from the Komando Shop now!  It’s on sale!

Buy it now!


Serenity Now! App helps you meditate, sleep and relax

You’ll want to pass this on the the busy moms you know. This app will help you calm anxiety, manage stress and sleep better. It can also improve your focus and concentration while helping with your happiness, gratitude and self-esteem.

Click here to learn more about this calming app now!
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