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5 best places to find Back to School deals

We love saving money. Who doesn’t?

No matter what you’re purchasing, you get a big sense of satisfaction when you’re saving money for your family. Of course, everyone’s eye veers toward “Save 75 percent” signs and similar sales.

But you may be one of the select group of people who aren’t satisfied with substantial savings like that. You dig a little deeper, whether you’re shopping online or at a store.

You might have a bonus coupon in your wallet for an extra 10 percent off. Maybe you’re using web extensions that save you money every time you shop.

Well, this time of year, you’re going to need that extra determination to save some money. It’s back-to-school season, which is one of the biggest shopping times of the year.

At, we’re always looking for ways to save you money. Here are some of our favorite back-to-school sales going on right now. Do you know of others? Tell us about them in the Comments.

Here are five great spots to find big back-to-school savings.

1. eBay

OK, if you’re scouring eBay for back-to-school savings, you’re a rare breed of smart shopper. You know you can find big savings on backpacks, school uniforms, laptops and a lot more.

Most back-to-school shoppers don’t think about eBay. That’s understandable. They rush out to discount stores, often at the last minute. But, you’re not most shoppers.

You know discount stores used to be a good idea. But not all stores slash prices on back-to-school items like they used to. Remember $0.10 notebooks? Well, in a lot of stores they’re $1.00.

So, give eBay a shot. Start in the back-to-school section for savings of 50 percent or more. But then shop around for dorm essentials, electronics and everything else you need.

Click here for eBay Back-to-School Supplies

2. Target

Whether you’re shopping at a Target store with its big, familiar red logo outside or on its website, you can save a lot of money. Target is going out of its way this year to save you cash, with some items that cost less than $1.

Bonus: Free shipping for online orders of $35 or more.

There are sales on backpacks, clothes and, if you buy a pair of kid’s shoes, you get a second pair for 50 percent off. Target has sales on school supplies, like notebooks, too.

The best part? Convenience: Target has more than 1 million teachers’ supply lists. Just click on Target’s School List Assist to see if your child’s must-have list is there. Cool, right?

Click here for Back to School: Target

4. Amazon

When it comes to saving money, it’s hard to beat Amazon. The online retailer undercuts its competitors by slashing prices on myriad products, no matter what you’re buying.

If you’re a Prime member you get free shipping. You can have some items delivered to your house the same day, the next day or in two days.

Of course, this time of year Amazon has loads of discounts on back-to-school supplies, from notebooks and pens to laptops and earbuds.

Click here for Back to School Deals at Amazon

Ready, Set, School

5. Walmart

The discount giant Walmart has lost a bit of its appeal in these days of Amazon and other online shops. Still, you’d be hard-pressed to find bigger discounts on back-to-school supplies.

That’s why there are throngs of parents and kids at every Walmart store this time of year. They’re grabbing for markers, pens, pencils, crayons and notebooks, some for just $0.50.

They’re migrating through the store, too, for big discounts on kids’ shoes, clothes, electronics and more.

Click here for Walmart Back to School

Your one-stop school shop

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