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Best free video editing program for Windows, Mac, Linux

If you’re used to working with video editing software like Adobe Premiere or Apple’s Final Cut Pro, you know how expensive it can be. If you have a job that requires video editing on a daily basis, you need something fast and dependable that comes with all the bells and whistles.

But, where can you find this type of software without breaking the bank?

Good news, there is an excellent free option that operates similar to the expensive programs you know and love.

Free video editing software that works like a champ

DaVinci Resolve 16 for Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems uses innovative smart technology that allows you to make quick edits to your video clips or packages. The downloadable software works great for teams as projects can be accessed by anyone on a team from anywhere.

The cut page is the main editing hub for DaVinci and it was created for faster workflow. From here, editors can make adjustments to video and audio in addition to organizing clip files (called bins). Some features of DaVinci are very similar to those of Final Cut and Premiere, however, it comes equipped with incredible smart technology that can help you create a masterpiece.

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How Davinci uses smart technology

One of the coolest features of DaVinci 16 is artificial intelligence (AI) and smart detection technology. The technology can identify faces in clips and organize them automatically into smart folders.

The AI can also be used to highlight certain people or objects in video clips and remove them entirely without causing damage to the rest of the clip. Other cool effects that are used with smart technology include automatic stabilization, which helps steady shots from shaky camera stands.

Image stabilization comes equipped with camera lock, zoom, smooth and strength controls from the edit page.

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Editing made easy

A big plus to this video editing software is the ability to use text installs and visual editing all on the cut page. The cut page is very easy to navigate and the effects bar is located comfortably to the left of the timeline.

If you have a large clip that needs to be layered with other videos, you can add smooth transition effects to eliminate jump cuts in your finished product. Some other super cool effects provided by DaVinci are contrast pop, lens reflection and the stylizing effect. You can also add text and tradition transitions to any clip.

Color correcting is also supplied, which comes in handy if your camera hasn’t been calibrated or adjusted to the correct lighting setting.

Aside from the visual editing aspect of DaVinci, the download also has excellent audio editing features. For one, all video clips that contain audio are portrayed as one single item on your timeline.

Audio can be edited with mixers and meters which makes it easy to see where your levels are and what needs to be adjusted. DaVinci also has tape-style audio scrubbing that allows you to correct audio pitch.

Easy to use interface and upload files

The best part of DaVinci Resolve 16 is its simplicity.

Everything from your media pool to the editing features to the timeline is all on one single page. It’s very organized and helps you keep things in place with the folders feature it uses.

It also has great post-production tools and renders videos quickly. Once you’ve completed your editing and production, you can even upload your finished piece to YouTube directly from the editing tool.

Try DaVinci Resolve 16 for free

Like any other downloadable software you could use, there’s going to be a learning curve, which might be the biggest downside to DaVinci 16. You may not have experienced DaVinci’s editing software yet but they work just like Premiere and Final Cut.

The best way to learn the program and work out the technical kinks is by downloading it and giving the editing technology a try. It’s free to download and use, so check it out and see how it works differently than the programs you might pay a lot of money for.

To get the free download, use the links in the boxes below or tap or click here.

Once you’re on the DaVinci site, tap or click the download button. Then, select which version you want. Choose from Mac OS X, Windows, or Linux.

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