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Best anti-theft devices for cars

Your car is great, isn’t it? It’s like your home away from home.

You have your smartphone hooked up to GPS and apps like Waze, so you’re confident you will get where you’re going on time. Your favorite drink is in the cup holder.

You’re listening to music, chatting with friends and lounging in comfy seats. But all that comfort is probably giving you a false sense of security.

Do you know that nearly three-quarters of a million cars are stolen in the U.S. each year? More frightening, many of those crimes happen while you’re driving.

Carjackings happen in a split second. If you stop at a red light with the window down or the doors unlocked, a gunman or a mob of criminals can force you out of the car, possibly harming you and definitely taking one of your most costly possessions.

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Your car alarm, of course, is a must-have to prevent people from stealing your car while it’s parked at home, work or the shopping mall. But it doesn’t do you much good when criminals force you out of the car with the key in the ignition.

Here are three great devices to stop car thieves who want to take your car. Do NOT skip No. 3 – You’ll have all the proof you need to lock them up!

Remote Kill Switch

If criminals have stolen your car, you must first call the police. Make sure you’re safe, and people know where you are, if you’ve been the victim of a carjacking or if you’re stranded in a parking lot where your car was parked.

Once you’ve alerted the authorities, you can remotely turn off your car. Yes, no matter where they are, you can turn off the ignition. Your car isn’t much good to criminals if they can’t start it or drive it.

You can purchase a device like the 3G Spy Spot Wired-In GPS Vehicle Tracker with Kill Switch Starter to remotely turn off your car. It’s a GPS tracker with a kill switch.

It’s discreetly installed into your car so criminals won’t see it. You’ll most likely need to have one professionally installed.

The device, installation and a monthly service fee can set you back a few hundred dollars. But, just think about the last time you arrived at an airport late at night.

You are walking alone in the dark in an expansive parking structure. That’s scary. But it’s scarier when you discover that your car is no longer there. With a GPS tracker with a kill switch, you’ll at least know you can stop thieves in their tracks.

3G Spy Spot Wired-In GPS Vehicle Tracker with Kill Switch Starter, Amazon $129.95 plus monitoring fees

3G Spy Spot Wired-In GPS Vehicle Tracker with Kill Switch Starter Disable / Enable

GPS Tracker

You need your car! So you must know where it is, right?

If you’ve got teenagers in your home, for example, you know your car can disappear for hours or days. Your family or friends may borrow it with your permission, then keep it for a longer time than planned.

These days, there is no reason not to know where your car is. You can find it with GPS trackers like Verizon’s Hum that you simply install into your car. You monitor your car on your smartphone.

But you can also find loads of GPS trackers on sites like eBay or Amazon that perform the same task. They’ll show you where your car is.

You can see on a map exactly, or very close to where your car is parked or driving. It’s an amazing innovation that can also help you find your stolen car.

Can you imagine how quickly the police can find your car if they can see it on a map?

Try a device such as LoJack if you don’t mind spending a few hundred dollars. Or search sites like Amazon and eBay to find one that fits your budget.

Linxup OBD GPS Tracker with Real Time 3G GPS Tracking, Amazon save 69% ($24.99 plus a monthly service fee)

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