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RoboForm BarkPass Logins for dogs: No typing required!

Presented by RoboForm

Presented by RoboForm

Save 50% on RoboForm Everywhere and manage your passwords with ease and security.

Tired of being at the mercy of your dog’s non-stop demands? Feed me! Walk me! Play with me!

It’s 2020. There’s an app for basically everything your dog needs: boarding, pet meds, food, even TV for dogs. Yet, it’s still you who has to manage everything.

RoboForm knew there had to be a better way. It’s been helping humans securely access websites and apps for 20 years. Why not our canine companions, too?

Introducing BarkPass. Now, your dog can log in, so you don’t have to.

Save 50% on RoboForm Everywhere and manage your passwords with ease and security

Perfect for those without opposable thumbs

Until recently, there’s been a singular insurmountable obstacle to solving the challenge of allowing pets to use computers: the ability to type.

Traditional password authentication is cumbersome enough for people, but it’s practically impossible for dogs. Anyone can attest to the gibberish that comes out whenever your pooch puts its paw on a keyboard.

But the sound of your dog’s bark is highly specific. Aided by recent scientific breakthroughs and algorithms that analyze the acoustic features of dog barks, it’s now possible to authenticate logins at the canine level. Your dog doesn’t even need to lift a paw.

Save 50% on RoboForm Everywhere and manage your passwords with ease and security

According to researchers, “The use of advanced machine learning algorithms to classify and analyze animal sounds opens new perspectives for the understanding of animal communication.”

BarkPass is compatible with all major smart home devices. It grants unprecedented secure access to systems that cater to your dog’s needs, giving it a degree of independence it could only dream of before. Watch the following video for a quick overview of BarkPass in action.

Is your dog hungry but you just got home and need a few minutes to unwind? Take all the time you need. With BarkPass, your dog can feed itself using your automatic dog feeder.

Time for a potty walk? Not so fast. With BarkPass, your dog can let itself out and come back in when he decides he’s dug enough holes in the yard.

Is your dog whining outside the bathroom door because he wants to watch his favorite show on DOGTV? With BarkPass, he can BarkOn to his DOGTV account on his own and watch for as long as he wants.

With BarkPass, your dog is in charge. It gives you more time for the things you and your dog love doing together and less time tending to his basic needs.

BarkPass works with all breeds and can be used in multi-dog households. Save 50% on RoboForm Everywhere and manage your passwords with ease and security

Setting BarkPass up is as simple as 1-2-3:

Create a Bark Profile for your dog in BarkPass, then record several variations of his bark (Bark IDs). Associate each Bark ID with a different system account.

1. Dogs can’t access each other’s bark-protected accounts. But in multi-dog households, there may be some functional overlap (for example, each dog should be able to let itself in and out of the house for potty breaks).

For this reason, when setting up a multi-dog household, one dog should be designated the Alpha Dog and given appropriate system-level access befitting its status as leader of the family pack.

Providing just one dog with administrative access to certain system capabilities anticipates the very real possibility that the dogs in your house may initially go a little crazy with their newfound power and abuse the BarkPass system for their own amusement.

Unless you enjoy endless games of BarkOn / BarkOff with the living room lights, and mischievous dogs preventing other dogs from returning to the house after potty breaks, you’ll want to put an Alpha Dog in charge.

2. Train your dog to recognize which Bark ID to use for accessing each system account. Spend as much time as necessary to train it thoroughly, and try not to get frustrated if your pet is slow to distinguish between the Bark ID that barks on to DOGTV versus the ones that dispense more food or turn off the lights. With sufficient practice, it will eventually click for your pooch, and his life will never be the same.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each dog in multi-dog households.

Once your dog has all the BarkOns set up, make sure it learns about BarkNotes. This is an incredible feature, but only suitable for true Alpha Dogs.

BarkNotes enables dogs, who are notoriously in the moment, to record what they’re thinking so they can return to it later. Not every dog will appreciate this feature, but it will be a life-changer for some.

With BarkPass, your dog can lead a happier, more independent life and so can you. It’s a win for both of you. Get BarkPass today!

(Note: April Fools! The good folks at RoboForm wanted to give everyone a big smile on this special April Fools Day. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!)

No joke, you can Save 50% on RoboForm Everywhere and manage your passwords with ease and security.

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