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Cloud storage 101: How to back up only the files you need to

Presented by IDrive

Presented by IDrive

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When it comes to important files, many of us have everything backed up directly to the cloud. But when you back up everything, you can fly through your allotted storage very quickly.

If storage isn’t an issue, you still may want to exclude certain files from the cloud for safekeeping. Most services give you a few options to be more selective about what you save and what you don’t.

Our sponsor, IDrive, for example, allows you to exclude certain folders completely from being synced. If you don’t want to exclude an entire folder, you can instead use an option called selective sync to choose what goes and what stays. We’ll show you how to use this helpful feature.

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Cloud choices based on exclusion

If you are using IDrive as your cloud solution, you can choose to exclude certain photos from being backed up on its servers.

There are multiple ways and options to do this using the main window:

Choose a specific file or folder

  • Open IDrive.
  • Head to the Backup tab.
  • Choose Change.
  • Right click on the file or folder you want.
  • Select Exclude this item from backup.

Using full path names

  • Open IDrive.
  • Head to the Settings screen.
  • Choose files/folders with full path names.
  • Choose a file.
  • Select Save Settings.

How to use selective exclusion

If you don’t want to exclude an entire folder, you can use a different process known as selective exclusion. This feature allows you to choose the folders you want to sync instead of excluding those you don’t want.

This feature is beneficial for those who want to keep most of their information available locally and only back up crucial files.

  • Open IDrive.
  • Head to the Sync tab.
  • Choose Selective Sync.
  • Clear the checkbox of the folders you don’t want synced. Leave only the folders you want synced checked.
  • Tap Save.

These features allow you to be selective about what’s being saved to your backup so you can stretch your storage as far as possible. Looking for other storage solutions? Here are three places you can store your photos. App background

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