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Avoid crime hot spots with this innovative safety tool

Presented by Crime and Place

Presented by Crime and Place

Stay Aware. Stay Safe.

With crime on the rise in many American cities, it’s now more important than ever to take your own personal and family safety into your own hands. Due to municipal budget cuts and local staff reductions, average wait times for responses to public distress calls are becoming longer and longer. Thankfully, there are ways to be more proactive, informed and prepared.

While we are all familiar with our own neighborhoods, crime statistics can change from one block to another. Having a handy app that provides current crime ratings you can access any time, like the Crime and Place™ app for iPhone and iPad, can help keep you safer.

Kim only recommends tools that will help improve your life, and that’s why she highly recommends you download Crime and Place. Here’s how downloading this app will help keep you and your family safer.

Access valid crime scores for every location in America

When planning a family or business trip, you spend lots of time researching hotels and all the available amenities. While price can be a big factor in which hotel you end up choosing, you do want to make sure the area isn’t in a crime-infested part of town. Before you book your next hotel, pull up Crime and Place to get up-to-date crime scores for the area you’ll be staying in.

If you’re traveling with kids and someone needs a bathroom break, you can check out rest stops, gas stations and restaurants before pulling off the interstate and entering a potentially dangerous neighborhood.

Get a quick snapshot of new neighborhoods

It’s always a good idea to check out crime scores before committing to a move you might later regret. Curb appeal might seem nice during the day but you never really know what’s going on until you’ve done the proper research.

With just a few clicks on Crime and Place, local crime trends can be easily and quickly accessed. You can have peace of mind when you’re out for a walk, simply by using the innovative Crime Compass tool. The real-time, color-coded app will allow you to view your surroundings and see if you’re heading in the direction of a crime hot spot before it’s too late.

Crime and Place is fully customizable and can be set up to notify you when you enter unsafe areas. You can also adjust alert levels by crime type to reflect your personal preference. Be aware of the risks and stay vigilant when you’re forced to enter unsafe areas.

Download the most trusted crime data mapping app today to keep you and your family safe. App background

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