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4 clever ways smart tech can make your home safer

Smart homes make you feel like you’re living in the future. You can turn lights on or off with just your voice, and see who’s ringing your doorbell without getting off your couch — but are you using every function your smart home has to offer?

Smart home hubs like Amazon Echo and Google Nest have the ability to run things called “automation routines.” With a single command, or at preset times, your smart home can run a variety of functions on different smart devices all at once.

These automation routines can even simplify how you leave home and keep your family safe. How, you ask? Read on to see some of our favorite automation routines from Amazon Echo and Google Nest. Don’t forget to tap or click here to check out SimpliSafe, Kim’s most trusted total home security system.

1. Who needs a guard dog?

If you have a smart security system and an Amazon Echo device, you should know about Alexa Guard. Guard is a feature you can activate on your Echo that, when set to Away mode, will listen to your home and let you know if there are sounds like glass breaking or alarms going off.

With the new update, Guard can also let you know if a faucet is on and if it hears footsteps or people talking in your home. All of these features are great on their own, but Guard has automation routines that push it to the next level.

All you have to do is say, “Alexa, I’m headed out,” or a similar phrase, and Alexa Guard will take over, locking your smart locks, arming your alarm and security systems, activating any motion sensors or outside lights and setting Guard to “Away” mode. Want to use a timer instead of a voice command? You can do that too.

Tap or click here to learn how to use Alexa Guard on your favorite Echo device and set up your commands ASAP. You got smart security to easily secure your home, so why not use your Echo device to simplify the process?

2. Danger!

The Google Nest hub comes with Nest Protect, which can work with your home’s smart security system and activates alarms when you need them. Nest Protect can keep you safe whether you’re home or on the town.

You can set up Nest Protect to activate your smart lights to flash red when it detects smoke as a warning to your family, and if you believe a person is attempting to break into your home, you can set up an automation routine to play sounds and flash lights to scare the would-be burglar off. This can also activate your alarm system so help can arrive quickly.

Nest Protect automation routines are as customizable as the rest of Google Nest, so you can decide what alerts to use and when. Tap or click here to learn more about Google Nest.

3. Get rid of schedule hiccups

It’s great to set a wake-up alarm on your Alexa, then immediately ask her to play a song while you’re getting ready. If you’re up at the same time every day, and always want music to play, you can set up an automation routine. By setting morning and evening routines, your day is on a personalized track — but that’s not all Alexa can do.

If you have smart devices powered by batteries, you can let Alexa keep track of them. The system will let you know when it’s almost time to replace low batteries or can order them for you from Amazon. Alexa can order replacement air filters, paper towels and anything else you set up smart reordering automation routines for.

When Alexa reminds you of your shopping list, or takes care of the list for you, you’re free to focus on more important aspects of your day. By setting routines, you can also avoid potential scheduling hiccups. Learn how to set up automation routines by tapping or clicking here.

4. Leave without a word — or just a quick phrase

Many of us like to set our thermostats a little lower when we leave the house, and make sure all the lights are off, so we don’t waste power (and money). Let your Google Nest do it for you.

Just set up a routine so when you leave the house, you just have to say, “OK, Google, I’m heading out,” or “Google, I’m going to work now.” With the phrase of your choice, Google Nest turns off all your smart lights and smart switches, lowers the temperature and even lock your smart locks.

Would you prefer to have your lights dimmed, instead of turned off? You can customize your settings to make it so. Would you like the heat to cycle when you’re away for a longer period of time? You can set that too. Automation routines exist to make your life more convenient, so they’re customizable to you and your family’s lifestyles.

Set up automation routines to make using your smart home easier and optimize your smart devices. It can make your home safer and more efficient, so activate your smart home hub and start setting up routines today.

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