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Edit videos with Apple's iMovie app
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It’s so much easier to edit videos on your iPhone now thanks to this update

Your smartphone makes it easy to shoot photos and videos without a second thought. You don’t have to worry about the cost and limited use you get out of old-school film. Just point and tap!

While you can capture footage with reckless abandon, eventually, you’ll hit your phone’s storage limit. Did you know a hidden setting on your iPhone reduces how much storage space your photos and videos take up? Tap or click here and Kim will tell you more.

Apple’s iMovie is a free video editing app that’s easy to use and comes preinstalled on your iPhone. Add photos and videos from your phone’s library and stitch them together with music. An update to iMovie will improve video storytelling and let you create videos faster with just a few taps.

iMovie has been around for some time

iMovie predates the first iPhone by nearly a decade. The software was introduced in 1999 as a macOS app and evolved into an HD version before being added to other Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

Before that, you uploaded videos and photos from your camera to your computer to use the program. Now you can do it right from your mobile device.

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iMovie is known for its ease of use on the iPhone. You can use a combination of photos and videos to tell a story, adding music, voiceovers, themes, filters, effects, transitions and more right from the app. Templates such as Action, Bollywood and Coming of Age let you create Hollywood-style trailers.

If you don’t have iMovie on your Apple device, you can get it for free from the App Store.

iMovie gets an update

Apple recently announced new features of iMovie 3.0 coming to iPhone and iPad. Two new modes help you make better movies faster than before: Storyboard and Magic Movie.



Storyboards are aimed at beginner filmmakers. Rather than starting with a blank timeline, you can choose from 20 different storyboards to suit your needs, including Cooking, Gaming, Q&A, Product Pitch, Reveal, Thank You, Trailer Wellness and more.

Each storyboard includes a list of shots to organize video clips into a story. You can add clips from your library or shoot from your iPhone or iPad and add that footage.

Thumbnails and tips guide you along and make suggestions to improve video clips. You can add, reorder, trim and delete videos from here and add titles, transitions, fonts, filters and color palettes right from the app. Add music and adjust the tracks to fit your project.

You can easily share your Storyboard video as you would with any other media when you’re done. Add it to your device and share it via text, email or social media.

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Magic Movie


Short on time? Magic Movie brings the filmmaking process down to a few taps. Select an album or group of photos and/or videos from your library, and Magic Movie automatically identifies the best parts of the footage. It creates a movie, automatically adding music, effects and transitions.

You can then put your touch on the movie, rearrange or delete clips in the shot list, or do some more in-depth editing. Change the style to alter the feel of the video. You have 20 to choose from that include music, titles and transitions. Don’t like the music? Replace it with your selection.

Magic Movies can be shared like any other media via the Messages and Mail apps or social media.

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