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Android copy and paste
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Android tip: Copy and paste text from your phone to your PC

We all love Universal Clipboard, an Apple-exclusive feature that allows you to share a copied chunk of text between your iPhone and Mac.

Did you know that Windows 10 and 11 users can do the same on Android? It’s true. You should give it a shot if you’re not already doing it. Tap or click here for seven things you didn’t know your Android could do.

This guide will show you how to level up your Android to PC game. Why waste time struggling when it’s all so easy?

How to copy and paste between Android and PC

First, you’ll need to install Microsoft SwiftKey on your Android device. You can find it on the Google Play Store. You’ll use your Microsoft account to sync the app between devices.

Once every relevant device has the app and is logged in under your name, you’ll be able to copy and paste.

Here’s how to set it up on a PC:

  • Under Settings, select System, followed by Clipboard.
  • Slide the toggle under Clipboard history to the right to enable it.
  • Slide the toggle under Sync across your devices to the right to enable it.
  • Enable Automatically sync text that I copy.

Through this feature, you’ll be able to view an extended clipboard history, documenting things previously copied and pasted without losing them. To see it and select previous clipboard items, use the command Win + V.

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Now, all that’s left is to enable SwiftKey on your Android device. You should be prompted to do so after launching the app for the first time. Be sure to turn the option on in order to share your clipboard.

After, you’ll be asked to Select SwiftKey, as well as to select your input method. Choose SwiftKey again and hit Finish Up when done. Verify your Microsoft account, and choose whether you’d like to opt into Microsoft’s data-sharing program. Then, tap into Rich input and, after that, Clipboard.

Toggle on the settings for Remember copied items and Show last copied item as a quick paste option on the prediction bar. Once all your ducks are in a row, you should be able to copy and paste across all devices with the app installed.

Another stellar aspect of this hidden Android feature is that it works when shared across two mobile devices. Now, you’ll never need to do it the annoying way again.

Say goodbye to retyping for good

We love this handy Android tip because we’re always splitting our attention between at least two devices. It’s great for a myriad of needs and tasks:

  • Copying important messages for easy access on your PC.
  • Using PC-copied information in mobile-exclusive apps.
  • Copying things on your PC to your phone before going out (grocery lists, to name one of our most frequent applications of this trick!).

This one is a must-try for any Android power user.

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