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7 Amazon Halloween deals you can’t afford to miss

Halloween is a time for parties and fun, but did you know Amazon and Alexa can turn your Halloween into the fright of your life? Whether you want scares and screams or want a milder Spooktacular, Amazon’s ready to help you enjoy the season with movies, savings, and more.

I hear a strange voice. Is that Alexa? Is she playing spooky music? Check out fun questions you can ask your favorite digital assistant to add to the Halloween atmosphere.

What’s that in the distance? Do you think it’s a ghost? We better split up! Raise your flashlight and step out into the woods, we’re hunting Halloween fun, and saving money as we go along!

Smart devices? Spooky!

Planning the ultimate Halloween shindig? Shop Amazon and you’ll be able to make your house smarter with great gadgets like the Amazon Echo and Smart Plug. Just ask Alexa for Halloween sounds or spooky music and turn your whole house into a haunted house.

Pair your Fire TV with your Echo or Alexa device and you can control your TV and streams hands-free. It’s not quite using the mesmerizing powers of your mind, but it’s getting there. For those of you that have been holding out, Amazon’s Fire TV Stick 4K starts shipping on Halloween. It’s better than a full-sized candy bar and more fun than a full costume party.

Everyone’s heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but how about a Haunted Halloween? Perhaps you’ve seen visions. Hang on, it’s coming in clear. Yes, I see it now! It’s the kids with their own Fire tablets. They’re no longer borrowing yours!

Starting Oct. 26, Amazon’s Fire 7, Fire HD 8, and Fire HD 10 tablets will all be on sale. Save $10 on the Fire 7, $20 on the Fire HD 8, and $30 on the Fire HD 10. Don’t worry. If you get carried away by strange lights in the distance, these deals run until November 3rd.

Alexa’s many moods!

Alexa is the digital assistant we just can’t do without. But did you know Alexa has a spooky side? You think you know her, but she’s got some surprises in store for Halloween.

Try asking her some fun questions like:

• Alexa, Trick or Treat
• Alexa, what are you going to be for Halloween?
• Alexa, what should I be for Halloween?
• Alexa, what’s your favorite scary movie?
• Alexa, give me a scary limerick
• Alexa, tell me a Halloween joke
• Alexa, sing a spooky song
• Alexa, tell me a Spooky Story
• Alexa, what should my pet be for Halloween?
• Alexa, Good Morning (try this on the 31st!)

She may just surprise you.

For even more autumnal spookiness, ask Alexa to play Lore and Homecoming. These award-winning podcasts might just keep you up all night, but you always have Alexa there to keep you company.

Terrifying tales of horror and fright!

Maybe you’re a horror movie aficionado and we all know Halloween is the best time of year to scream and hide. Amazon Prime Video has classics like “The Amityville Horror,” “Carrie,” or “The Shining.” If you’re looking for scintillating new scares, you can also find modern favorites like “The Babadook,” “Let Me In,” or “The Conjuring.”

Not so terrifying tales so the kids go to bed without a fight!

Okay, you’re all about Halloween scares, but the kids want something to watch and you want them to sleep through the night. Or maybe you’re just looking for a little gentle fun and have to work tomorrow. Skip the nightmares with fun family picks like “Coraline,” “The Amazing Wizard of Paws,” and “Room on the Broom.”

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