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Addictive game: Guess the most popular video based on the thumbnail alone

With billions of monthly users, YouTube is the world’s largest search engine, surpassed only by its parent company Google.

Searching YouTube is as easy as typing in what you’re looking for, but with all the available content, a simple search may not be enough. Tap or click here for five tips that will turn you into a YouTube pro.

For social media marketing professionals or enthusiasts, experimenting with different YouTube thumbnails is one of the most interesting ways you can attract more clicks and viewers. Now, there’s a game entirely devoted to the art of the YouTube thumbnail. It’s free to play and surprisingly addictive.

How to play the Thumbnail Game

The Thumbnail Game is one of our latest obsessions. To begin, hit the big Play button. You’ll have three options: Timed Mode, Casual Mode and Daily Challenge Mode (to play this last mode, you’ll need to sign up for an account).

After choosing your poison, your first Thumbnail Game session will launch. Two YouTube thumbnails with their video titles pop up in front of you. Now you have to guess which one has earned more views than the other.

Hit the thumbnail you think might be the winner and the real view count for each choice will begin reeling off. If you got it right, you’d see a green checkmark and your score up top will go up by one. If you get it wrong, it’s game over. Time to start a new one.

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You’ll be hooked

Time goes by fast while playing this game. It’s fascinating to know what flies and what dies on YouTube. You’ll also be exposed to genres, creators and weird niche content you might not have seen otherwise.

While online flash gaming days are largely behind us, we can’t help but feel like this is definitely one of the best to remember. The premise is elegant, the gameplay is simple and it’s always fun to see what other people are watching on YouTube.

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