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7 clever tricks that make your iPhone or iPad easier to use

There are millions of people who use Apple devices but many don’t know just everything they can actually do with them. Sure, we all know how to check email and play Angry Birds but what about making text appear bigger or adding a keyboard?

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Knowing simple tricks for your devices can definitely make them easier and more enjoyable to use. Here are seven clever Apple tricks that you’ll wish you knew sooner.

1. How to make text larger and bolder

Despite the iPhone’s large screen size and the iPad’s larger displays, it’s not always easy to read the tiny print on websites and menus. Fortunately, you can make your Apple display easier to read.

If you’d like to make your text bolder, open Settings tap Display & Brightness and slide the toggle next to Bold Text to the right to turn it on.

To make text bigger, on the same Display & Brightness page in Settings tap Text Size and move the slider to adjust the size of the font. Moving the slider to the right will make text larger and moving it to the left will make text smaller.

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2. Zoom in for bigger text

There’s another trick for making text bigger. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Zoom. From here, slide the toggle next to Zoom to the right to turn it on.

Now, use three fingers to double-tap on the screen to zoom in and out for bigger text. You can also drag three fingers to move around the screen.

3. Keyboard alternatives

If you’d prefer to use a standard keyboard rather than type directly onto your touch screen, Apple lets you use keyboards made by other companies or by third-party providers, as long as you’re using iOS 9 or later.

First, go to Apple’s App Store and find a new keyboard that you want to use. Then open Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard and select the app that you installed.

4. Move multiple apps all at once

Are the apps on your Apple devices a chaotic mess? Don’t feel bad, it can happen to the best of us. Thankfully there is a simple way to organize them and make them easily accessible from page to page.

Move multiple apps by long-pressing on one app with one finger, then use another finger to tap and drag another icon and stack it on the original icon you are still holding down. Continue stacking apps. When finished, drag and drop the entire stack to wherever you want.

5. Enable captioning

Closed captioning is extremely useful if you’re hard of hearing, or if you want to enjoy a show or movie while everyone else is trying to sleep. Captioning, or Subtitles, is available on most Apple devices using iOS 9 or later.

It’s easy to set up. Open Settings > tap Accessibility > scroll down and tap Subtitles & Captioning. Once you’re on this page, slide the toggle next to Closed Captions + SDH to the right to enable it.

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6. Have your gadget read to you

VoiceOver reads the words on your Apple device out loud. It will read each letter as you’re typing a text or email. It will tell you which app button you’re touching, who’s calling you, how much battery life is left and more.

To turn it on, go to Settings > Accessibility > VoiceOver. Slide the toggle next to VoiceOver to the right to enable it.

7. Organize your cards in Apple Wallet

While Apple Wallet is a great way to keep your credit, debit, prepaid, and store cards in order, they stack on top of each other. This makes the top one your default payment method for Apple Pay.

If you want to change it, open Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay and tap your finger on whatever card you want to be your default payment and drag it to the top of the stack. It’s that easy. Tap or click for five ways to take advantage of Apple Wallet’s features.

There you have it, folks, our seven helpful tricks to give you a better experience with your Apple devices. Keep checking in with for more useful tips and we’ll keep you updated with all the latest and greatest ideas.

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